Monday, July 2, 2012

Jahsmun's Return...

By: Jahsmun the Jovial

       I am going to tell you a story of my return from the real world and my first rescue. I hope you'll enjoy it. I really enjoyed writing it. I could actually picture all of us doing and saying the things I have written in this story.

      I looked at everyone and noticed they were all crying. Katelyn walked up to me looked me in the eyes and said, "Jahsmun we're just so glad you're back safe and sound. Don't ever leave us again, the real is too dangerous for people like us. Okay?" 

     "Okay!" By this time I was crying too. "Group hug?" I asked. "Group hug!" Becki, Lindsey, Katelyn, and Stuffed Cat exclaimed.

     Oh, well, I suppose it would help if I started at the beginning. Silly me. Anyways this story is graphic and may not be suitable for young eyes and people who love popsicles. Mainly for people who love popsicles. Anyways, get to reading!  

       I slowly walked down the stairs into the lair. I took in a deep breath allowing the damp scent of pine needles and ice cream to fill my lungs. I breathed out a sigh of relief, "Ahh, it's good to be home." I walked down the long menacing hall to my room. It was unusually quiet. No bickering between Linzee and Katelyn, no threats from Becki for them to stop, absolutely nothing! Nothing but silence . . .This is odd. I turned around and checked each room in the lair. Where are they? There's no sign of the rest of the threesome anywhere.
     Suddenly, I heard a loud banging at the door. I grabbed Becki's katana out of her room (Shh, don't tell her) and raced up the stairs. I flung the door open only to find Peter staring at me. "Peter you scared me!" I exclaimed. "Wh-where is everyone?" I asked. Peter looked at me, turned around and motioned for me to climb on,then we took off!

30 minutes later...

     "Okay so you're telling me that Linzee and Beekee drug Kataleen up to Teddy Bear Mountain to get a stuffed animal? Then Kataleen was the chosen one that had to save the stuffed animals from the clutch of the evil popsicles? So they fought the popsicles and thought they killed them but really didn't and now the popsicles have them held hostage?" Peter nodded solemnly. "I SPECIFICALLY TOLD KATALEEN TO STAY AWAY FROM THOSE POPSICLES! Does anyone ever listen to Jahsmun? No! I'm not stupid . . . I do know some things!! Just wait til I find them, they are in a whirlwind of trouble."
     "We've arrived!" Peter announced as we landed on top of Teddy Bear Mountain. "They are in the dungeon of that castle right over there." Peter nodded off toward the left. "Stay safe Jahsmun, I'll be circling around the mountain in case y'all need an escape route," Peter called right before he soared into the air. I watched as he flew off, took in a deep breath, let it out and then marched to the castle.
     Upon arriving at the castle I noticed there were many evil popsicles guarding all the posts on the castle. Without hesitation I pulled Kataleen's Mary Poppin's Exclusive Backpack off my shoulder (don't ask how I got it) and pulled out a popsicle costume (I must ask her why she carries this around, later).With the costume on I was able to sneak through the doors, down the corridor and to the dungeon.
     Once I got in the dungeon, I took in my surroundings. I saw Kataleen, Beekee, Linzee, and a stuffed cat chained to the wall. Linze was asleep, Becki was looking at the ground, Kataleen was crying and the cat was staring intently at me. "Guys, it's me." I whispered. 
     "Jah-Jahsmun?" Kataleen croaked out. 
     "Why are you wearing that?" Becki asked curiously.
     "No time to explain, we gotta get out of here." I reached into my hair and pulled out a bobbypin. The cat's eyes lighted up, "You're my hero!" exclaimed Stuffed Cat. I quickly walked over to the threesome and the cat and picked the locks. "Okay listen carefully. I shall tell you how to destroy the popsicles. Okay you must melt them with a blowdryer first, then you must sprinkle salt over them. If you forget to sprinkle salt on them they'll regenerate. When they regenerate the turn into double popsicles which means they will be twice as smart, strong, and fast. Here take these wireless blowdryers/salt guns and follow me." The four that were captured all looked to Kataleen, grabbed a wireless blowdryer/salt gun and followed me.
     Once we were out of the dungeon we split up. Kataleen and Stuffed Cat went together and Becki and Linzee went together, I went solo. We all agreed to meet outside in ten minutes then took off.
I headed straight to the king and queens room. When I arrived I was NOT prepared for what I saw. The king had eaten the queen and quadrupled in size.My mouth dropped open and hung to the ground when he beckoned me over to him. In a very raspy voice he said, "I have been waiting for you. You are the real chosen one. You shall either fail miserably or wipe out the popsicle race. I have seen this in my crystal ball and it is up to me to cause you to fail. You shall not return to your friends alive Jahsmun! I was scientifically generated by Dr. Julius from Crazy Cape Island! I don't have the same weakness as the other popsicles! You will have to find my weakness while trying to live. Prepare to die!" Just then I pulled a flamethrower out of Kataleen's bag and aimed it. When I pulled the trigger nothing came out. I threw it to the side and fired up the blowdryer which had little to no effect on the king. Just then I thought of something. I knew his weakness! 
     "I love you!" I shouted at the king. The king's mouth twisted in horror as he crumpled to the ground. You see he was so hate-filled that love was his weakness. I sprinted over blasted salt all over his juicy remains then ran to meet the rest of the group.

20 minutes later..

     "Jahsmun! You're late! You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago! We were so worried about you!" the group explained as I stumbled out of the castle door and collapsed to the ground. They ran over to me and shrieked in horror! 
     "Are you okay!?" 
     "Yeah fine,  just really exhausted." I gave them a quick summary of what happened between me and the king and how I had ran all the way back to meet the group.
     Peter swooped down and picked us up and flew up back to the lair. This time the popsicles were gone for good.Once we got into the family/living room area or the lair I went berserck. "WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING! YOU COULD'VE BEEN HURT OR KILLED! I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT THE POPSICLES! DID YOU LISTEN? NO! MAYBE NEXT TIME SOMEONE WILL ACTUALLY LISTEN TO JAHSMUN. I'M NOT AS STUPID AS PEOPLE THINK! Okay I'm done blowing up at you guys. I love y'all and I'm glad y'all are safe. Rescueing you guys was actually fun." 
     "So Jahsmun how was the real world? We're glad you're back." said Becki breaking the silence.
     "It was great! I hiked up mountains,white water rafted and visited every continent.When I visited Antarctica I decided to go ice skating, let's just say that didn't go well.The ice that I wandered onto was too thin. I fell through and was there for quite a while. I actually felt the life draining from me and I was starting to lose conciousness but then this eskimo came up. He extended his hand to me and helped me out. He then took me back to his igloo and helped me warm up then set me on my way." I looked at everyone and noticed they were all crying. Katelyn walked up to me looked me in the eyes and said, "Jahsmun we're just so glad you're back safe and sound. Don't ever leave us again,the real is too dangerous for people like us. Okay?" 
"Okay!" By this time I was crying too."Group hug?" I asked. 
     "Group hug!" Becki, Lindsey, Katelyn, and Stuffed Cat exclaimed. This is how we ended up in a group hug! I'm finally starting to get used to the groups hugs and touching. :P

*Remember no matter how good they are, ALL popsicles are evil as 3 members of the Fearsome Foursome found out in the last two stories...Stay away from them!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rescuing the Teddy Bears/Fighting Off the Popsicles

By Katelyn Shear
Kataleen the Kreative

I stared at my fingernails, the green and yellow polish glinting in the sunlight streaming through the window in Linzee's room. I looked up and sighed. Beekee and Linzee were arguing over stuffed animals. Again.
     "I don't see why you insist on having the stuffed Peter doll!" Linzee lashed out in frustration, waving the stuffed version of Peter in the air.
     Beekee huffed and narrowed her eyes. "Because I like the Peter doll! He would look great in my room!"
     I rolled my eyes. "Why do either of you want a stuffed doll? That's baby-ish." I tuned my focus back on my nails. I admired them for a few more moments, and then noticed something.
      There was no bickering bouncing off of the walls and into my ears. No noises. Nothing. I looked up, prepared to find both girls passed out on the floor or bleeding to death or something, but they stood there, staring at me, mouths agape.
     "What?" I said, unsure if I had done something wrong without knowing it.
     Beekee's mouth opened and closed, as if she were trying to say something, but couldn't. It reminded me acutely of a fish I had seen at an aquarium in the real world. Linzee seemed to think the same thing, for she looked at Beekee and demanded her to close her mouth.
     "But--I--She--" Becki looked as if she were trying to find words, but Linzee shook her head. I didn't understand why they were acting so strange, but I figured if I kept my mouth shut, I'd find out soon enough.
     And that I did. "You think stuffed animals are . . .baby-ish?" Linzee looked as if someone had just struck her. I blinked a few times, not sure if I had heard her right.
      "Yes, I do."
     Beekee clutched her heart. "Three words . . . that's all it took to break my heart in two!"
     I stared in confusion. Why were they making such a big fuss over stuffed animals?
     Linzee nodded and then turned to me. I saw tears glistening in her eyes. "Have you ever had a stuffed animal?"
     I sighed and shook my head. "No, I've never wanted one. They're creepy!"
     Linzee grabbed my hand and jerked me from the comfy chair I had been sitting on. "We will find you a stuffed friend! We shall look high and low, never stopping until we have found 'The One'!" She lifted my hand in the air like those guys who knock each other around a ring until one falls on their face after they win. I took my hand back from her and scowled.
     "I do not need a stuffed animal! And I won't have one!" I turned my back to her and folded my arms like a stubborn four year old. Bad move.
     Linzee and Beekee tackled me to the floor and then carried me to the real Peter.
     "Let go of me!" I screamed.
     But they didn't listen. They were talking about what kind of stuffie to get me. They threw me over Peter, jumped on, and off we flew. Peter began to do his tricks, Linzee hollering and Beekee trying to keep her lunch in. I fell off of his back, plunging to the earth far below. I shrieked. This was not the way I planned on dying. Linzee grabbed my hand and did a backflip.
     I was so going to kill them.

3 hours later
I huffed and puffed as I climbed the last steep hill on the mountain. I still didn't understand why we hadn't taken Peter up. Linzee wouldn't say. We were above the clouds now, and the view was stunning.
     "What mountain are we on?" I asked, still trying to catch my breath.
     Linzee, looking offensively cheerful, smiled. "We're on Teddy Bear Mountain, controlled by the evil Popsicles." Her voice lowered to a whisper. "We have to get past the Popsicles without being seen. There is no telling what they might do."
     Oh, great. Jahsmun had told me of these Popsicles, but she was still on her trip to the real world, so she couldn't tell us how to fend off these colored chunks of ice on sticks. I took a deep breath.
     "If something goes wrong, we can just jump on Peter and fly away, right?"
     Beekee started to say something, but Linzee interrupted. Again. "No. We shall fight to the death!"
     That didn't sound good. Linzee could fight to the death if she wanted to. First sign of Popsicles and I was outta here!
     Beekee tapped Linzee's shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Linzee spun around and began running. I knew something was wrong. So I began to run too. The three of us ran, and Linzee ran around a corner. Her sudden scream echoed around me and Beekee. We rushed to where the scream came from. We found her on her knees, something in her arms. I slowly walked up to her.
     "Linzee . . . Are you okay?" I touched her shoulder gently. She jumped up and pushed a pink stuffed cat into my arms. I stared at it, wondering why on earth I would even consider keeping it. Ah, well, maybe she wouldn't try to kill me. "Thanks." The grin on her face grew before she flounced off.
     I looked down at the stuffed animal in my arms and realized. . . it was looking at me. And blinking. A scream climbed up my throat, but I forced it down. I stared at the stuffed cat thing, wondering if it talked like Peter.
     "Um. . . . . Hello." I heard my voice shaking.
     The pink cat stared at me, and for a minute I wondered if I was crazier than I had originally thought. Then IT spoke up. "Hello. You are the reasonable one, yes?"
      I was beginning to think that was my new nickname. "Yes, I guess I am, if you compare Linzee and I."
     The pink cat smiled. REALLY smiled. "Wonderful. You will save the Nation of Teddy Bears from the evil Popsicles!"
     I had to laugh at that. I was the reasonable one. Not the warrior. "Um, yeah. Maybe you should talk to Beekee about that first. She has an assassin on her side. Yep, she'd be better for the job." I put the stuffed cat down and walked away. But apparently, it could walk too.
      "We need your help! You have the backpack. Please." The hope and trust in her eyes made me want to cry. I was always one to fall for the wide eyes and tears. "Okay, I'll do it."

1 hour later
I'm a fool. Why can't I just say 'no' to one, measly stuffed animal? I followed the stuffed cat and her billions of stuffed friends. Okay, so maybe not billions, but around a thousand. We marched along, and I felt like the land/people version of Finding Nemo. I was expecting at any moment to start singing, "Just Keep Marching!" Suddenly, everyone stopped. Even Linzee, who had been hugging each stuffie as she or they passed each other.
     The stuffed cat walked over to me. "It's the Popsicles. What are you going to do?"
     I nearly passed out laughing. "What am I going to do? I'm not going to do anything!!! I'm outta here!" I turned, but saw the billions--thousands of stuffies, each watching me with wide, tear-filled eyes. "Oh, for cryin' out loud! I don't want to fight Popsicles!"
     Stuffed cat looked at me. "It does not matter. You have been chosen by the stuffed queen to be our leader!"
     I felt like dying right there. Why should I be the one to take on the Popsicles? "Why doesn't your stuffed queen be the leader? She's the queen!!"
    Just then, the chanting of Popsicles filled the air. They rounded the corner of the mountain with sticks and rocks.
     Linzee began chanting with them. "Sticks and stones may break my bones!!!!" Apparently, she wasn't on my side. Though I did have to wonder why the Popsicles didn't finish off the famous quote. Ah, well, no time to think about that. I had to fight! To save this nation! I grabbed my backpack and dug through it. I pulled a blowdryer out.
     Beekee came up beside me. "A blowdryer? We don't have anywhere to plug it up at!"
     I smiled. "No worries! It's a wireless blowdryer. No cords or plugs needed! I found it on sale at the mall. It was a great price. I couldn't believe--"
     She stared at me, dumbfounded. "Wireless?
     I grinned. "Yep! Didn't you know? Everything is going wireless! Phones, computers, blowdryers, stuff like that. You know, I once saw this thing at--"
     Beekee shook my shoulders. "Stop talking!! We need to defeat the Popsicles!!"
     I frowned at that. She was always ruining speeches. "Okay, okay. Here, pass these blowdryers and matches out. We can defeat them this way!"
     Beekee began throwing blowdryers and matches at everything in sight. I turned my blowdryer on full blast and pointed it at the Popsicles. "Prepare to meet your maker at Unilever!!!!!" I screamed at them. I ran at the Popsicles, the hot air making them melt quickly. I jumped over them, karate kicking one of them in the head. I dug bow and arrows out of my backpack, lit them on fire, and pretended to be Robin Hood. Okay, so maybe Linzee would be a better Robin Hood. I handed her the bow, and she went wild. She started shooting at everything in sight, which was the Popsicles. We have finished them off. Well, all except one. THE KING OF ALL POPSICLES.
     I heard Beekee whistle for Peter and waited. We could take this "king" out. All we needed now, was Linzee. Beekee dragged Linzee up with us, and I counted to three.
     One. . . . . . Two. . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!
     And off we jumped, tackling the king. Beekee did some karate move Paul taught her (Want to know who he is? Oops, she'll have to tell you.), Linzee was shooting him with fire-lit arrows, Peter was eating him (Um, well, we've gotten rid of the body), and I was shooting him with my blowdryer. Once he had melted, and was being eaten by Peter, Stuffed Cat thanked us.
     "How can we ever thank you? You'e saved us from many years of torment. We are forever in your debt."
     I looked at her slyly. "Well. . . . you can return to the Lair with us. I want a cat, even if it is stuffed. Deal?"
     She stuck out her stuffed paw. "Deal!"
     And we flew off, back to the Lair. Hopefully Jahsmun will be back soon, I thought, hopeful.

                                                       The End, for now. ;)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Becki Badger
Beekee the Bold

I drummed my fingers on the desk.  TAP-TAP TA-TAP TAP TAP TAP-TAP-TA-TAP.  Where is Linzee?  I wondered.  She's always here by now, what could be holding her up?  Should I try her FF communicator?  Nah, she's always putting it down places and forgetting about it.  Well, I could always try-
"Hey, Beekee.  What's up?"  I started as Kataleen came in.
"Don't scare me like that!"  I snapped.  "Where have you been?"
She held out her hands.  "Getting my nails done."  Her nails were green with a yellow "F" on each.  "The fairies are the best.  I can't ever get 'em right, but the fairies don't mess up ever.  Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Like what?"  I said, still scowling at her.
"Like that!  Stop it, it's nasty looking, and you're scaring me!"
I crossed my arms.  My face, by this time, was all squinched up, and I looked like a two year old.
Me, trying to get a good example of what my face looked like.

Still trying . . .

Aaand . . . not succeeding.  But you get the point, right?
"Linzee's not here,"  I said, finally.
She stared at me.  "So?  Neither is Jahsmun.  She went on a trip to the real world.  So why are you so worried about Linzee?  She's on the island somewhere.  You know how big it is."
I shrugged.  "She could be . . . or . . . she could be . . ."  I trailed off.  Hehe . . . this is gonna drive her crazy.
It did.
I looked around, secretively, to make sure no one heard what I was about to tell her.  Haha . . . yeah, right.  I wanted to build suspense.
"She might have been . . . kidnapped."
Kataleen's eyes were enormous.  "Kidnapped?  By . . . by whom?"
"Roman's kidnappy friends."  Sneaking another peek around the Bair.
"Then we have to get her back!"  she said, clearly distressed.  Maybe I should have kept that rubber from when we almost broke Reth out of jail.
"Oh, we will,"  I assured her, already gathering my gear.  "All we need now is my rappelling equipment, my smartphone, my taser, and Peter.  Oh, and a couple of goats.  Just in case he gets hungry."
"Peter?"  Kataleen, who was already scrambling for the items, glanced back at me.  "But we can't take Peter.  We have to have written permission from Linzee to take him."
"So?"  I said, already whistling for him as I started out of the Lair.  "I'll just tell her it was an emergency.  We ARE rescuing her, after all.  Plus, I'm Linzee's favorite."
"But . . . but, it's in the BYLAWS!!!"  Kataleen wailed after me.  It was too late.  Peter had landed, and I was climbing on.
"Kataleen, you might want to sit this one out,"  I said.  "There's gonna be an assassin."
She looked at me, skeptically.  "Beekee, I've met your assassin.  I think I can handle him."
"Are you sure?  There's also sure to be mafia, and booby traps, and katanas, and guns, and eyelash curlers."  I did NOT want her getting hurt on this mission.
She stuck out her hip and put her fist on it.  "I like eyelash curlers, and you might need my backpack, in which there are more traps than any mafia could hope to counteract."
I sighed.  "Hop on then.  But remember, we've gotta make this a quicky, because I gotta get back to study.  I guess I have to write the story about . . . what was that battle?"
"The battle of the wilderness?"  She glared at me.  "Haven't you done any of the reading?"
"Uh . . . Peter, let's go!"  I said, to cover.  I could hear Kataleen "tsking" over me as Peter bounded into the sky.

Once we were well on our way, I pulled out my smartphone.  It had been running Linzee's whereabouts since three o'clock, when I first missed her.  Now to see if it found her.
"Yes!"  I shrieked.  "It found her!!!"
"Really?"  Kataleen said, trying to look over my shoulder.  "Where?"
"Um . . . it appears she's on an island due West of here."
Hearing this, Peter banked sharply to the right, almost tipping us off.
"Hey, watch it, Peter!"  I said, trying to force my stomach back into place.
"Sorry,"  he said, ducking his head.  I rubbed him right between the shoulder blades: his favorite spot.
"It's okay, it just freaked me out."

In due time, we reached the island, and Peter circled it, while we came up with a plan of attack.
"Hmm,"  I said.  "Peter, can we rappel off you?"
"Sure,"  he said.  "Right after I get rope-burn-proof skin."
"So much for that idea,"  Kataleen said.
"Yeah, and I really wanted to use this rappelling stuff.  It's left over from the thing in London, and I've been trying to think of a time to use it since then."
"What thing in London?"
"Oh, you know.  The thing where I got kidnapped and Linzee came to rescue me, only Roman got there first?"
"Oh, right.  Well, why doesn't Peter just land on the beach?"
I glared at her.  "Because, Kataleen, the entrance is everything."
"Whatever.  Peter, put us on the beach, please?"
"Anything for the reasonable one."
I stuck out my tongue at the back of his head.  "Well, fine, if you're gonna be like that."

"Now what?"  I asked, once we were headed towards the jungle.  Kataleen shrugged.
"I dunno.  What does your phone say?"
"Oh, duh.  Forgot about it.  Hold on, let me check."  I did, and it said we were headed in the right direction.
It seemed like we'd been walking for hours (although it was probably only half an hour), when there was a noise ahead of us.  Kataleen and I looked at each other and began to run.  We broke into a clearing and I started laughing.  Linzee shrieked and looked at us.
"Seriously, grillz, do you have to scare me like that?"
She put down the tea cup.  So the big secret was that she had escaped to a tea party . . . with her stuffed animals.  For a dare I had forgotten about.
I sighed.  "I'll never get to use that rappelling stuff."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kataleen's Revenge

Written by Katelyn Shear
Kataleen the Kreative

I pounded my fist into my open palm as I thought of the perfect revenge. Only problem was that none of my ideas were . . . what's the word? . . . horrible enough.
     "What to do, what to do?" I pondered out loud, my fist hitting my palm again.
     "What to do about what?" Beekee said, coming into my room in the lair. I quickly jumped off of my bed, unsure what to say.
     "Um, well, I was just wondering what to do about my Time Machine-slash-Pen thing."
     "What about it?" Beekee's face paled. "You didn't break it, did you?" I tried to resist the urge to faceplam.
     "No, I--"
     Linzee flounced into the room. "Break what? The time machine?" Concern was etched on her face.
     Apparently they had decided to have a meeting in my room, for Jahsmun walked through the door, her eyes wide. "She broke the time machine? Baby sister, how could you? I told you our baby sister couldn't keep anything without breaking it!"
      I couldn't help but headdesk. "I promise I did not break the time machine! I was just wondering where to go next with it!"
     All three girls looked at me. I wasn't sure if the way they stared at me was good or bad.
     I need not have wondered. I found out soon enough.
     "Where is it? I want to see it!"
     "I don't think I believe you!"
     "Baby sisters break everything! How can we trust you with this kind of stuff?"
     My head started to pound in the All-Too-Familiar rhythm. I gave each of the girls my most intimidating stare, and I suddenly got a brilliant idea for my revenge. "Okay, grills, I'll let you see the pen. Give me a second."
     I quickly set the date and location, mentally patting myself on the back for my genius-ness. "Okay, here you go!" I passed the pen to them, and tried to hide my smile. All of them leaned together, inspecting the pen carefully.
     Becki turned the pen over and read the date. "May 4th, 1864? What--" Suddenly, the girls begn to look transparent, which I found utterly fascinating.
     Jasmine gave a yelp. "May 4th is the Battle of the Wilderness! Civil War time!"
     Lindsey began to scream. "It's dark!"
"I can't see!!!!!"
"Where are we?"
I laughed as they disappeared, and decided that this was definately horrible enough. After all, I am the oldest of my siblings, so I am never called "baby sister". And no one is going to start. I laughed once more. I could not wait until they came back, ranting and raving. Good thing I hid the cricket bat earlier.
     "Hey, Peter, 'ole boy. How are you doing? Why don't we try that Loop-de-Loop?"

                                                                               To be continued. . . . . . . .

Our writing contest . . .

We four are part of a blog that has a biweekly-ish writing prompt contest.  We have a ton of fun with it, so we decided to play with it and have mini-contests between ourselves.

The rules are:
1. Someone comes up with part of a sentence.
2. Everyone gets 100 words, plus the prompt, to write the beginning of a book.
3. The prompt has to be included anywhere in the hundred-odd words.

The first prompt was: The transformation began when . . .

Kataleen's: 94 words
The transformation began when Becki stepped inside her trans-whatever.  When she stepped out, she was covered in feathers, fur, and slime.
"Uh . . . what are you supposed to be?"  Jasmine asked, her head tilted sideways.
Becki rolled her eyes.  "Why, isn't it obvious?!"
The other three girls shook their heads slowly.
Becki sighed.  "I'm a Peatigersnake!"
Katelyn's eyes widened.  "A what?"
"It's basically a mix of peacock, tiger, and a snake."
The girls just stared blankly at Becki.  Lindsey finally spoke up.  "Why would you want to be that?  What do they do?"

The transformation began when scientists released a toxin into the air.  Everywhere people began dropping dead.  All except for the Fearsome Foursome, who were immune to airborne infections.  One day, the FF were out walking when a zombie began chasing them,  Soon zombies began appearing everywhere and the Foursome realized they were the only ones alive.  they began running and Peter swooped down.
"Hop on!"  cried Kataleen.
Peter flew up into the air, leaving the zombies looking up in bewilderment.
"Peter's gonna get tired soon!"  shouted Beekee.
Jahsmun, Kataleen, and Beekee looked at Linzee, who was crying, because she was completely out of ideas.

Linzee's: 103 words
The transformation began when the sun vanished, leaving me alone with the moon.  I had stood watching, motionless, for hours, praying that it wouldn't go.  But the sun always sets.  As the rim of gold slipped below the horizon, I felt the moonlight rip through my body.  I screamed - but then, I always screamed.  My bones twisted apart, rearranging themselves with sadistic intensity.  My skin stretched to its breaking point, struggling to accommodate shifting organs and expanding muscles.  I screamed again, but my mouth suddenly morphed into a muzzle.  My scream became a howl.  And then . . . then I didn't remember anything at all.

And mine (Beekee's): 104 words
The transformation began when . . . actually, I don't remember when it started.  I only know tales.  They say It happened because the gods were angry with us.  It began with a bright day.  Then the sky darkened.  The winds ceased, and everything stopped moving.  It had killed everything in Its path.  Then I was born.  The midwives told my mother she should kill me, or sell me to the slave traders, who would take me to a place where red-heads were considered prizes.  But Mother refused, insisting I might save the world one day.  And one day . . . I did.

Do any of you have any particular favorite?  We girls love feedback, of any kind.  :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


By Becki Badger
Beekee the Bold

"Grillz, there's something that's been on my mind recently."
We looked at Kataleen.  "What's that?"  Jahsmun asked, letting the waves from the lagoon splash over her legs.
"Well, we kept telling everyone that we were going to rescue those kangaroos that have been disappearing, but we never did.  So now I feel like a horrible person for not doing what I said I would."
"Good point, Kataleen."  There was a clanking behind us and we turned to see Linzee struggling towards us, carrying about fifteen shovels.  I glanced at the rock next to me, where she'd been sitting just a minute ago.  Seriously, how does she do that?  Is she like some kind of ninja, or am I just going deaf.
"What are those for?"  I said.
Linzee winked.  "Wea goin' dan undah, mates."
I resisted the urge to facepalm.
Kataleen looked nervously at the shovels.  "Linzee, I know anything we want can happen here, but I am not digging my way to Australia."
Linzee looked disappointed for about half a second.  Then she shrugged and dropped the shovels in a heap.  "Oh, well,"  she said.  "They were getting heavy, anyway."
"Let's take Peter, instead,"  Jahsmun suggested.

And that's how, fifteen minutes later, we were sitting on Peter, holding on for dear life.  Except for Linzee.
"Whoo-hoo!  Now do a loop-the-loop, Peter!  I wanna see if I can stay on with just my legs!"
"No, Peter, don't!"  The rest of us shrieked.  Too late.  My stomach was thrown into my mouth and I felt all the blood drain to my head.  This ride couldn't be over soon enough.
"Linzee!"  Jahsmun yelled, to be heard over the shrieks of delight.  "Where are we going first!"
"Oh, that's easy!"  she said, giggling as Peter swerved sharply to the left, in an attempt to unseat her.  "We have to see our contact!  Whee!  Look, Mom, no arms!"
"Who's that?"  Hollered Kataleen.
"Look, Mom, no feet!  P. Sherman!  He lives at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!"
I facepalmed.  "Why am I not surprised?"

An hour and several sessions of cookie-tossing later, we finally landed on the dock below P. Sherman's dentistry.  At least we were alive.  Mostly.  Although I did learn that Cheetos and ice cream taste a LOT better going down.
We left Peter outside and went in.  When we approached the receptionist's desk, Linzee nudged me.
"Okay, Beekee.  You know what to do next."
I did?  I gave her a puzzled look and she glared at me.  I guess I was gonna have to make this up.  Oh, wait.  I remembered a conversation we'd had a year or so ago.  The last time we discussed rescuing the kangaroos.
"Do geese fly backwards on Tuesdays?"  I whispered, leaning across the counter.
She cast furtive glances about the empty waiting room.  "The pirates are in the telephone booth."
"Excellent,"  I said.  She handed me a manilla envelope and we hurried back outside to read it.

On the front, in big, red letters were the words: TOP SECRET.  I tingled with excitement.
"Oh, hurry up,"  Jahsmun said.  "Can't you open it faster?"
Kataleen gave her the evil eye and she shrunk back.  Then Kataleen turned to me.  "Just rip it, already!"
I did end up ripping it, and found one (count 'em: ONE) sheet of paper inside.
"Circus.  Lat.  Lon.  And then a whole bunch of numbers,"  I read.  "I don't get it."
"Here,"  Jahsmun said.  "Let me see."  I handed it to her and her lips moved as she read it to herself.  "Ah ha!  I know what it is!"
"What?  What is it?"  Linzee said.  It was always a mystery to me how Linzee knew almost everything about our missions, and yet got excited when one of us figured out the simplest thing.
"Then what are we waiting for?"  Kataleen said.  "Let's go!"
"Wait,"  I said.  They froze and looked back at me.  "What does 'circus' mean?"
Linzee shrugged.  "Who cares?"  And they ran off, again.  I sighed and followed, reluctantly.

Half an hour later, we were somewhere in the middle of the desert.  With nothing in sight.  Right where the coordinates said we were supposed to be.  The only good part of it was that Linzee and Peter hadn't played their little game.
Linzee sighed.  "Well, we might as well give Peter a little break.  Why don't we land and check it out.  Maybe we're just looking at an opposite mirage, or something like that."
Jahsmun cocked an eyebrow at her.  "An opposite mirage?  I've never heard of such a thing."
Linzee shrugged.  "I've encountered a couple."
I stared at her.  "Where?"
She grinned.  "Top secret.  Anyway, let's go."
By this time, Peter had landed, and we had climbed off.
"So which way do we go?"  Kataleen asked.
We all looked at Linzee.
Linzee looked around.  "This way,"  she said, pointing.
So we started walking.  However, we hadn't gone twenty feet when I felt a cool breeze.
"Woah!"  I said.  "Where'd that come from!"
I started running, and the land suddenly changed from desert to the inside of Walmart!  The others quickly appeared next to me.
"Woah,"  Kataleen said.
"Woah,"  Jahsmun said.
"Heck, yeah!"  Linzee said.

There were Kangaroos all over the place, and they were running the Walmart!  Some were cashiers, and others were stocking the shelves.
"So where are all the people to buy stuff?"  Kataleen said.
"I dunno,"  Linzee said.  "but there are some pretty crazy looking people over there."
She pointed, and Jahsmun shrieked, leaping into my arms.
"Oof!  Jahsmun, what's wrong with you!"  I said, dropping her.
"Clowns!"  she shrieked.
"Unfortunately, no,"  one of the clowns said, coming up.  "We were born this way.  By the way, I'm Binky.  These are my sisters.  Blubber, Buffy, and Bubbles."
"Sorry about my friend,"  Kataleen said.
The clown waved her away.  "Eh, don't worry about it.  We get that reaction all the time.  So, can we show you some of our goods?"
"Actually,"  Linzee said.  "we need to free your workers.  It's ruining the ecosystem for them to be in here and not out there."
Blubber started . . . well . . . blubbering, and her sisters comforted her.
"What's wrong with her?"  I asked.
"Binky looked sad.  "We've had such a hard time finding people to work here.  We were certain the kangaroos were the right way to go.  So now we won't have anyone to work here!"
"Hey!"  Kataleen said.  "If I can find you workers, would you let the kangaroos go?"
"Well . . . of course,"  he said.
"You'd do that for us?"  Blubber said, drying her tears.
"Sure!  We know how hard it is to be taken seriously.  All of us are told we're too young, too big, too whatever to do things."  She began rifling through her Mary-Poppins' Exclusive Backpack.  "Now, let's see what I've got here."  Then she popped back up.  "Linzee, you remember last week's trip to Never Land?"
"Sure, what about it?"
"Remember how all those fairies stowed away in my backpack?"
"And how we can't get them back, because You have to have fairies in Never Land for humans to travel back and forth to Never Land?"
"And how they don't know the way?"
"Would you get to your point already?!?!"  I was getting frustrated.  Kataleen wrinkled her nose at me, but proceeded.
"What if they worked here.  I mean, I wanna keep two or three for home, but the others need a home, and I can't think of anything that would keep them out of mischief more than working.  Working does that to you."

In the end, we gave the Bs (which is what we decided to name them) ninety-nine fairies, keeping two for the island.  They were extremely grateful, and let the kangaroos go immediately, for which the kangaroos were immensely grateful.  When we got home, we found that three joeys had stowed away in Kataleen's backpack, and we decided to keep them.


Monday, April 23, 2012

How We Almost Tore the Time-Space Continuum, and How Linzee the Leader Saved the Day Yet Again


Beekee the Bold, AKA, Becki Badger

"Woah, I never knew life back then was so hard,"  Kataleen said.

"I know,"  I said.  "We should do this more often."  I rubbed my sore biceps.  "But let's try not to churn butter again."

"Tell me about it,"  Linzee said, wincing as she pressed her hand to her head.  "Turns out, training a horse is easier said than done."

"Guys?"  Jashmun said, hesitantly.  "I know I haven't been here as long as you, but does anyone else think there's something wrong with this place?"

We were back at the lagoon where we started most of our adventures, and I looked around.

"You're right!  Look at those rocks over there.  They're shimmering, which can only mean that they're bouncing between the real world and here."

"Humph,"  Kataleen said.  "I don't see anything wrong."  She started to lean against a tree and fell right through it!  "Woah!"

"Are you okay?"  Jahsmun said, rushing over to help her.  She shrieked.  "Beekee, Linzee, help me!"

Linzee glanced over, lazily.  "What's wrong now?"

I assessed the situation quickly.  "Kataleen's stuck in the tree!"

Kataleen started to cry as she stared at the tree, which had apparently decided to stay in our reality, trapping her foot inside it.  "I don't wanna be stuck in a tree for the rest of my life!"  she wailed.

"Oh, stop whining,"  Linzee said.  "We'll get you out, by hook or by crook."

Kataleen shrieked.  "You are not using a hook on my leg!"

"No, no,"  Jahsmun said.  "She means-  Oh, never mind.  Let's just work on getting you out.  Any plans?"  She looked, expectantly, at us.

Linzee shrugged.  "Don't look at me.  I tend to prefer flowers to trees."

And then they looked at me.  I sighed and wracked my brain for a solution.  Then I had an idea.  "We're going to pull her out the second the tree decides to join Emmalee's reality!"

It took fifteen minutes, but we managed to snatch her foot out.

"What in the African Safari is going on, here?"  I said, as a fish attacked Jahsmun.

"I don't know, but we'd better figure out,"  Linzee said.  Kataleen ran by, screaming, with about three billion ants chasing her.  "And soon."

"I might be able to help with that."

"Emmalee!"  Linzee shrieked, and grabbed our friend into a bear hug.

"What are you doing back here?"  I said.  "I mean, not that I don't want you here, but you can't come too often.  You know the consequences if you're here too long, and too often."

She looked at us, nervously.  "That's actually why I'm here."

"Emmalee!!!!"  Kataleen barreled into her for a quick hug before she was running from the ants again.

"You were saying?"  I said.

"I came back because objects from here kept appearing and disappearing back in the real world."

"I know,"  Linzee said.  "We can't figure out why, though!"

"I know why,"  Emmalee said, sadly.

My eyes widened.  "You do?  Why?"

"Me,"  she said, simply.  "It's getting unsafe for me to come here at all.  If we can't figure out a way to make it safe for me to to come back, I'll have to stay in the real world forever."

I thought I might cry.  Linzee, however, grinned.  "To the FF lair, then,"  she said.

I grinned, and Emmalee stared at her.  "The what?"



"Haha . . . I know, right?"  Jahsmun said.  "We even convinced Linzee to give up the ice cream room.  So now it's common property."

Emmalee craned her neck.

"What are you looking for?"  Kataleen said.

"The batmobile."

"Sorry,"  Linzee said.  "no batmobile.  However, we do have a Death Star."

Emmalee facepalmed.  "And what about the kangaroos you saved?"

"Third door to the left,"  Kataleen said, pointing down the hallway that led to our rooms.

"Yeah,"  Jahsmun said.  "but whatever you do, don't go into room 3.14159265.  It's the bathroom for the kangaroos."  She grimaced.  "I had to clean it last week."

Emmalee cocked an eyebrow.  "Um . . . good to know?"

"ANYWAY,"  I said.  "down to business.  How are we going to stabilize our world, so she can keep coming back?"

The silence was deafening.  You'd think that we'd be able to think of something.  I mean, we escaped from a mental hospital.  Three times!

"Wishing sock?"  Kataleen said, hopefully, after a while.

Emmalee shook her head.  "I tried that.  The problem is, it only effects this world.  We need to make sure the real world is stable, too."

"Try this."

We all whipped around to look at Linzee, who had apparently left and was now back and holding something out to Emmalee.  Our real world friend took it and fingered the "FF" bling-y key chain attached to a carabiner.

"A key chain?"  She said.  "How will this help anything?"

"It's not a key chain.  It's a Stabilizer.  As long as you wear this everywhere, you'll be able to go between the worlds without any 'side effects.'  It's also swag.  And swag is always cool.  We have T-shirts if you want to show more Fearsome Foursome spirit."

"Linzee, how'd you come up with that?"  I asked.

She shrugged.  "I have no idea.  What I do know is that anything is possible in this world.  So if I say something does something, it happens."

Of course Linzee would figure that out.  But that's why we love her.  And hopefully, we'll be able to see way more of Emmalee, now.


A Blast to the Past

By Jahsmun the Jovial

So it's Jasmine here and I'm the newest member, but I figured you already knew that.  I'm going to be telling you a story about the time the Fearsome Foursome travels back in time.  It's going to be really really really cool!  You should seriously read it sometime.
"Get to the point!"  shouted Becki.
"I'll get her to the point," mumbled Katelyn.  She came up behind me and whacked me with Lindsey's cricket bat. Okay, okay, here's the story!!

"MUAHAHAHAHA," laughed Dr.Franks. "I got you right where I want you," he said as he backed us into a corner between the stage and the tent wall.
Lindsey looked down and noticed a loose nail.  "Psst Emily, you think you could help me get this nail out?"
Emily helped Lindsey work the nail out, it didn't take much since it was almost out anyways.  Lindsey walked over to the tent wall and cut a huge hole in it with the nail.
"Quick guys, RUN!" Emily screamed.


We were lost in the woods, we had already run about 2 miles in Victorian style dresses and it was about 90 degrees outside.
"Can we rest?" whined Katelyn for like the kazillionth time.
Becki turned around and scowled at her, "Can you hush? Dr. Julius could be anywhere and if you're complaining then he's going to hear us!"
Katelyn backed away from Becki with a look of fright and began running again.
"Look there's a river!" I shouted.
"Great! We can take a break there." Becki said.
"Hey, Kataleen, why don't you give us some clothes out your backpack?"  Lindsey asked.
Katelyn nodded and started handing out sweatpants, shirts, socks and running shoes.
"WOW!  You really do have everything in that bag!"  I shouted excitedly.
Katelyn smiled and replied, "I always knew this thing would come in handy."
"Uhm, girls, I'm sorry but I have to go home," said Emily as she was taking out her wishing sock, "the party was really fun and once again congrats to you Jasmine for becoming the fourth member." Emily hugged everyone, whispered to the sock to take her home then vanished.
"Okay girls! We gotta get moving," Katelyn said as she was stuffing the last dress in her backpack.


"I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE STILL LOST IN THESE WOODS!" Becki screamed in frustration right before tripping over something. "What the---No! It can't be, but it is....IT'S A TRANSMOGIFIER!!!! I've wanted one for so long and now I finally got it!"
Becki turned around, giggling, her eyes big.
"I'm not sure...but I think Becki has gone crazy!" I said turning to face Lindsey and Katelyn who looked scared to see Becki this way.  Eventually we began walking again while keeping an eye on Becki, who was dragging the trans-whatever with her and talking to it.
Yep, she's totally lost it. I thought.


"We have been lost in these woods for almost for about 7 hours now," Katelyn said. "We'll never get home."
     "Dearest Katelyn, do not fear for we will get you home to your mommy." Lindsey said mockingly.
(You see there's this ongoing joke about Katelyn being the baby of the group.We pick at her not only because it's true but because it makes her mad.) Katelyn stormed off and went sat off by a tree.
"Really Linzee?You couldn't pick a better time to pick at her?" I sighed.
Lindsey looked at me in defeat then went over to talk to Katelyn.
"Hey guys, look what I found!" I shouted.
"What is is?" Becki asked, snapping back to reality.
"It's a time machine in the form of a pen.I've heard of these but never seen one until now. So....where do y'all wanna go?"
"Hmmmm, how about to Laura I. Wilder's time." Becki suggested.
I set the time period, grabbed everyone's hand, and pushed the button.
"Everyone hold on!"
"AHHHHHH it's all black, I can't see!"
"THUMP!" We all landed hard on the ground. We looked around and saw crowds of people yelling "BURN HER, BURN HER!" We squeezed through the crowds to see what was going on and saw women burning on stakes.
 People turned and faced us.
"WITCHES!" they yelled, and before we knew what was happening we were being tied to burning stakes too.
We were all tied together on one stake, so I set the time period to the day after my party, touched the other girls and pushed the button just as the flames were about to lick our shoes.
"Not the dark again!"
"CLANK" We landed in a....cage!? We looked around. We were in a dimly lit room filled with caged children and animals. A man walked up to our cage, but he wasn't just any man, he was Dr. Franks!
"Welcome to my lab. We are currently under Crazy Cape Mental Institute. This is where I test things out and make the medicine. I programmed that pen so it would eventually take you here. You see, you can't outsmart me. I'm the bad guy and I will always, ALWAYS win!"
We all exchanged glances,we could see tears in each others eyes. We were absolutely horrified as we watched Dr.Franks take a baby lion out of a nearby cage and start injecting it with needles the size of Texas!! I began to cry because I love animals and can't stand to see the harmed. I looked at the other girls and saw that they were crying too.
"It's gonna be okay. We'll get out of here, and we'll set the animals and children free too," Becki said, while hugging me. Soon Lindsey and Katelyn joined in as a group hug.
That night, we took turns sleeping in shifts. If someone came to our cage we were to inform the others. We had a better chance at fighting together rather than alone. Becki took first shift, I took second, Katelyn took third and Lindsey took last. Come to find out, there was no activity during the night, but we still were not about to take any chances.
The next morning, we used a bobby pin from Katelyn's bag and picked the lock, then we helped get all the animals and children out of their cages and back to their homes.
"Ready to go visit Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder?"
We all turned to each other, nodded in agreement, held hands, and right before I hit the button I said, "Kataleen? When we get back home the pen goes in your bag for future reference."
"M'kay," she replied with a smile."
Just like that we were off to the year 1900 when Laura was 33.

Friday, April 20, 2012



Super-Duper-Bigger-Than-Peter big announcement and Party!!!!!

by Kataleen the Kreative

“Ahem! May I have everyone’s attention, please?” Katelyn stepped over to the microphone and cleared her throat. “I have written this story because Becki said she didn’t have time.”
     Becki rolled her eyes. “Hush, Katelyn, I didn’t say that.”
     “She did! We also have a BIG announcement! When I say big, I mean Super-Duper-Bigger-Than-Peter big! So, start reading the story!”
Becki slapped her palm to her face. “They could if you let them!”
     “Whatever. Start reading!”

Becki hooked the last Chinese lantern-type-thing on the tent wall and climbed down from the ladder. “Okay! All done! Now do we get to have the party?”
     Katelyn shook her head and tapped her pen on her clipboard. “Not yet, we still have to get Lindsey to get out of the ‘box’. And where are the refreshments? We can’t start without refreshments! And we still need a portable CD player. I have the music on my CD, but no CD player! What good is that?”
     “Okay, okay, I get it. I’ll get my CD player, you get Linzee out of the box, I’ll get the snacks, and you get the drinks. Okay? Great.” Becki walked off without waiting for Katelyn’s answer.
     Katelyn mumbled under her breath. Why should she have to get Linzee out of the box? For some reason, Linzee loved it. The little glass box that Becki had come up with was now a big hit. If Linzee was missing, that’s where you could find her! Katelyn sighed. It wasn’t going to be pretty.
     Katelyn walked over and grabbed the little communication device Becki had installed in and out of the box. “Linzee, it’s time to come out of there! You can’t stay in there for the rest of your life!”
     Lindsey looked through the glass at Katelyn. “Kataleen, I can stay here my whole life, and I will. You can’t make me come out.”
Katelyn, thoroughly exasperated, decided to try another tactic. “Fine, I’m going to go fly Peter!”
     Lindsey jumped off of the bed that was bolted to the floor. “You can’t do that! The new bylaws clearly states that Peter is mine, and mine alone. If you want to fly him, you have to have a signed contract! If you don’t, I will come up with a terrible punishment that will make you have nightmares even when you’re awake!”
     “But you won’t come out of the box, so you can’t do anything to me if you’re inside of there.” Katelyn turned in the direction of Peter. “Ready to go flying?”
     Lindsey’s face was as red as a beet now. “You can’t, you can’t! I’ll tell Beekee!”
     Katelyn seemed to ponder that for a moment. “Okay, tell you what. If you come out of the box, I won’t take Peter.”
Lindsey made a face.
     “Okay, well. . .” Katelyn thought a moment, and then remembered how Becki got Lindsey out the first time. “Linzee, I love you! I love you so much, I found this puppy! And I want you to have him! He’ll love you no matter what!”
     Lindsey’s eyes had brightened, and she began jumping up and down. “Aw, I love you too, Kataleen! And I’ll come out! I want the puppy!” Katelyn pressed a button on the Box Controller, and Linzee was out. She ran over to where Katelyn stood and hugged her tightly until Katelyn thought her lungs would burst. “I. . . Can’t. . . Breath, Linzee!”
     “Oops, sorry. Where’s the puppy?” Katelyn sighed. She would never fool Linzee.
    “Um, he’ll be here, soon. Come on, we have to get dressed for the party. Our Guest of Honor will be here soon.”
     “Party? Guest of Honor? Why didn’t anybody tell me there was going to be a party and Guest of Honor?!” Lindsey’s eyes were wide and she looked like she was about to explode.
     “Linzee, we did. Either you weren’t listening, or you forgot. Now, go get dressed.” Lindsey walked off mumbling, and Katelyn went off to find Becki.

Becki was standing at the refreshment table when Katelyn found her. She turned when Katelyn walked up, clipboard in hand. “Where have you been!? I had to get both snacks and food! Were you trying to sneak Marc into the party? Again?”
     “No, I wasn’t. Do you know how long it took me to get Linzee out of the box? It felt like hours!”
Becki sighed. “Next time, try the puppy thing. It always works.” Katelyn shook her head. No sense in trying to explain that she did. They had a party to get started!
     “Is everything ready? The Guest will be here soon!” Katelyn all but stomped her foot.
     Becki shrugged. “I guess. C’mon, let’s go get dressed.”
Katelyn walked towards the small dressing room, and then stopped suddenly. “Oh. My. Word. Did we forget to send out the invitations?”
     “I knew we forgot something!”
    “Oh. . . . What are we going to do?”
Becki took a deep breath and then let it out. “Well, Peter can fly us around. But Linzee’s getting dressed. We could take Peter, but then you know she could come up with any kind of punishment.”
     “Yeah, but we have to have other guests! Look, you get the invites out with Peter. I’ll keep Linzee from knowing and fix everything here. Don’t forget to invite Emily!”
     “Okay, I won’t. But if she finds out. . . ” Becki didn’t have to finish her threat. Her message was perfectly clear. Katelyn scurried off to get dressed in her deep red-Victorian style ball gown.

Each one of the Thriving Threesome girls were clad in their Victorian style ball gown. Becki’s was a bright-turquoise with white beads sewn onto the sleeves. Lindsey’s was a bright green, with lace galore. Katelyn’s was a deep red, with white and black rhinestones around the waist.
     “Why do we have to wear these itchy dresses? I don’t know how those ladies back then could stand it.”
     “Becki, stop complaining. We’re wearing them because they’re pretty, and we’re to look elegant. And besides, Marc, “ Katelyn gestured to the young man standing in the corner. “gets very uncomfortable near girls who are wearing less frilly and poufy dresses and guys wearing khakis and polo’s.”
     “But what about us? Why should we have to be uncomfortable because of the heat and poufy dresses, just because one guy doesn’t like what we originally wear?”
     “Hush, our Guest of Honor will be here soon! Eeek!” Katelyn shrieked, the excitement overwhelming. She rushed over to the mic, as fast as the big dress would let her. “Everyone, may I have your undivided attention? Thank you. Now, may I present, Jasmine Hingle Carolise! The newest member of the Thriving Three—Oops—The Fearsome Foursome! She now makes number four! Welcome Jasmine!” Katelyn began clapping her hands and soon all of the party-goers began clapping. Jasmine, clothed in a Tender Kiss pink dress, ascended into the tent, up onto the make-shift stage.
     “Thank you! Everyone! I’m honored to be one of the Fearsome Foursome. I have to thank Becki, Lindsey, and Katelyn for giving me this wonderful chance!”

Three hours later
Jasmine had been introduced to everyone now. Even Becki’s 14 year-old sister, Sarah, and the Fearsome Foursome’s ‘retired’ member, Emily. “I totally love this! And to think I’m gonna be with y’all from now on!”
     Becki smiled. “Is the party over now? I really need to get out of this dress. It weighs at least 300 pounds and it’s hot outside.”
     Katelyn rolled her eyes. “Yes, Beekee. The party is over.”
     “Great! See ya later peeps!” Becki walked towards the tent’s opening. A tall, lean man stepped in front of her, blocking her way out. “Excuse me sir, the party’s over and I need to go outside. So, kindly, get out of my way.” The man stood as still as a statue, glancing around the tent, his eyes finally resting on the other girls.
      Katelyn gasped, Lindsey’s eyes widened, and Jasmine looked around, trying to figure out what was wrong.
     “Evil Dr. Franks! H-how did you find us?” Katelyn asked, her voice trembling. Becki backed away from the Crazy Cape Mental Institute doctor, the one that had loved to give out shots with needles a mile long.
     “What? Surprised to see me? You shouldn’t be.” Julius Franks’ evil grin made each girl shudder. “I wasn’t about to let you go, after all, we weren’t done with the test medication for crazy people, despite your ‘friend's’ attempts.”
     “We’re not crazy! We’re. . . different.” Lindsey said, defensively.
     Dr. Franks walked towards the girls, his steps menacing. “You have no way to get out. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Your choice.”
     The girls all gulped.

                                                                                To be continued. . . .

Monday, April 2, 2012


So who is Ryan to Becki?
By Becki Badger
You all had really good answers.  Jessica thinks he's the guy I love, Abbie thinks Linzee, Emmalee, and Kataleen are forcing me to like him, and Jasmine thinks he's Reth's brother and the good guy from my WIP.

The truth is, Ryan is the MMC in my WIP, Common Denominator.  Not only that, but he's a version of me.  Therefore, all of you were wrong in one respect.  I don't like-like him, because that would just be weird.  :D

Bearing this in mind, JASMINE came the closest.

Your prize is the privilege of being in four of our stories, (which I promise we will get written).  To Jessica and Abbie, thank you very much for participating, and I hope you'll try again when we do this again (as I'm sure we will).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quiz results...

"Okay, so here are the quiz results in my hand" Katelyn waves the card around in the air. "Linzee, drum roll, please?"
     Linzee begins to beat with all her might on the drums, leaving no one in the room without a headache.
     "Thank you, Linzee. THANK YOU!!!!!" Linzee looked at Katelyn as if she just noticed her there.
"Ahem, as I was saying, we have a winner to the quiz." Katelyn takes a deep breath and opens the envelope. "Wow, uh--Um, well, you see...It's a Three-Way tie! Between.....Abbie!!! Jessica!!! And.....Jasmine!!! Come on down!
"We will now have a trick question. Are you ready? The question is..... Who is Ryan to Becki?"

Please comment below with your answer!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, change of plans! I finished the quiz (YAY!) And so I'll post it now. And whoever wins (Please let at least two people want to be Guest Star!) will be in THREE stories this month. Not just two. So, here's the quiz, have fun! ;)

These are randomized questions. They are not in order with the stories, just written as I had made them up. Some will be easy, others, eh, not so much. Just have fun and NO CHEATING!!! ;) Cheating would be reading the stories while answering. So, comment below with your answers. Remember, the prize is to be featured as the Guest Star of the month! Ready, Set, GO!

1: What is Lindsey’s dinosaur’s name?
2: What is Becki’s Alias?
3: Which episode did Emmalee the Eager leave?
4: What is Lindsey’s favorite sport’s bat?
5: Who is Lindsey madly in love with?
6: Name 2 of the items Katelyn used to get everyone off of the deserted island:
7: Who is Bobby?
8: Who is the oldest of the Thriving Threesome (Formerly the Fearsome Foursome)?
9: What is the title of the episode where Lindsey almost broke Reth out of jail?
10: LAST ONE!!! True or False?  Lindsey loves Veggietales:

A Game, of Sorts

I have come up with a game we will do. Every week we will try to post a story. In the middle of the second week, we will post a quiz, and whoever answers the most right (without cheating ;) will be our guest of the month! That month, you will be featured in the next two episodes. Sound good? Great!
~Kataleen the Kreative

Saturday, March 17, 2012

In Which We Learn Flying Pigs Are Very Scary

It's a perfect party.  Peter's thumping his tail, keeping time to the DJ.  Becki is dancing (yes, actually dancing) with Marc, a sea captain Katelyn has assured me is perfect for her.  (Katelyn also blackmailed Becki into promising to be nice to him.  Hence the dancing.)  Lindsey failed to break Reth out of jail for the event, and is currently taking her anger out on Katelyn with the cricket bat.  (Did I mention Katelyn invited some guy named Roman to be Lindsey's 'date?'  Yeah, bad idea.  He's off by the punch bowl looking scared and watching the cricket bat veeeeeryyy closely.)  Katelyn is frantically searching for Mr. Snuggles, who hid from the two of them after the last time Katelyn used him as leverage.  Even Ryan, the nice guy who once showed up right when Lindsey was about to commit a felony, is here to celebrate.  (Probably Katelyn's attempt for me.  She tends to forget I have a boyfriend.)  I'm the guest of honor.  So why can't I enjoy myself?

Because, this is a goodbye party.  A Fearsome Foursome goodbye party.  So I'm moping under the big blue tent Katelyn arranged.  There's one for guests to stand under and one over the punch table at the other side of the dance floor.

The group is already splitting up, because of me.  It's not like I can help it.  I miss out on half our adventures and conversations anyway.  I'm not particularly great at leading.  Or saving the day (except that time with the wishing sock, but that was mostly luck).   I don't have the time to drop everything and fly to Australia like the other girls did.  So I'm leaving.

A very sad reason to have a party.

Apparently Katelyn found Mr. Snuggles, because she's heading straight toward me.  "Hi Emmalee.  I know you're sad and all, but this is your party.  Why don't you enjoy yourself?"

I shrug.  "I've always been the sensible one, you know.  Almost too sensible to belong in this group anyway.  So I guess I can't forget why this party is happening in the first place."

Katelyn shakes her head sadly.  "Man, grill, you're too down for a party.  Why don't you at least dance?"  I start to protest, but she holds up her hands.  "I know, I know, you have a boyfriend.  But you can dance on your own, yes?  Or at least give one dance to Ryan.  It's not like he expects you to marry him."

I sigh.  "Why don't you bother Lindsey?"

"First of all, I just hid the cricket bat.  I really don't want her to go dig out a pot and try to kill me with that.  At least I know how to fend off the bat.  Second of all, Lindsey is dancing with Mr. Snuggles.  Even she knows how to enjoy a party."

Katelyn points out at the dance floor, where Becki has taken pity on Roman and Lindsey is spinning  with-

Katelyn voices my thoughts.  "Marc?  Lindsey's dancing with Marc?"  She looks at me, then runs out from under the tent.

"Any pigs?"

She shakes her head and slowly returns.  "Not yet.  But maybe if you go dance with Ryan, I really will win that bet!"


"Oh, I didn't tell you?  Becki and I heard about this photo competition.  The craziest entry wins.  We made our own, with just us two."

"What's the prize?"

"The winner cannot be teased, chased, or blackmailed for a full month."

"Wow.  I can't believe you two agreed to those terms.  Who decides the winner?"

"Um, er, well... Lindsey.  So I'm hoping the judging is done with VeggieTales playing, because otherwise I'll never win."

I just nod.

"So, will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Dance with Ryan?  Just once, while Becki and Lindsey are still dancing?  So I can maybe get a photo of flying pigs?"

I huff.  "Whatever."

"Hey, be sure you're nice to him."


So I march right over to the DJ, where Ryan is just standing and watching everybody party.  Next thing I know, I'm dancing with some guy I hardly know - all for Katelyn's dumb bet.  She will seriously owe me.  Especially if Becki finds out I helped her win.  That's a scary thought, so I focus on watching the sky.

"See any yet?"

I shake my head at Ryan.  "Nope.  Lindsey and Becki are still-"  I stop.  I freeze.  My jaw drops open.  Ryan looks up at the sky.  I can't say a word.

Then I hear the shriek.

"NO!"  Becki is lunging toward Katelyn, scrambling to grab the camera out of her hands.  Lindsey is on her hands and knees, searching for Mr. Snuggles in the chaos.  Katelyn is snapping photos like a maniac.  And there, against the cloudless blue sky, countless creatures are flying.

This is not what I envisioned when I spoke of flying pigs.  I expected fat pink things with angel-looking wings.  These are definitely pink, and definitely fat, but NOT angelic.  Actually, I'm pretty sure they have horns, and their wings flapping sound like bees buzzing around.  Really big, really loud bees.  Their tails curl and uncurl faster and faster, and it seems...

...they're actually heading straight towards us!

"Lindsey!"  I cry out.  Only The Leader can get us out of this.

But Lindsey is sobbing in the middle of the dance floor, unable to find Mr. Snuggles or her cricket bat.  I'm starting to panic, and Becki and Katelyn are in the middle of a full-fledged cat fight.  They're oblivious to the scary creatures that are rapidly coming closer and growing louder.  I'm not sure whether to shriek or sob when, finally, Ryan takes control.

"Becki!  Katelyn!  Stop that!"  The brave soul actually steps right between them, and even more amazing, they listen.  "Lindsey is incoherent, and we need to get out of here now!  We've got a whole herd of flying pigs that will be here any minute!  Emily, do you know where we can get a puppy?"

I nod, then dash inside.  It only takes a minute to pull out my wishing sock from its hiding place in my room.  I flee outside and wish harder than I've ever wished before.  Finally, I open my eyes.  To my relief, a fluffy little golden retriever is licking Lindsey's tears.

I turn to Ryan.  "Perfect!  Now, ladies, grab Lindsey and the puppy and follow me.  We've got to get to Peter!"

"Did somebody call me?"  Peter has reached us with one dinosaur step, and we scramble onto his back.

"Thank you Peter!  Let's get me and Emily home, and by that time Lindsey should be well enough to tell you where to go next."  Within moments, we are whooshing past mountains and over meadows with the pigs hot on our tails.  After quite a bit of zigzagging, two teleports, and one time flying upside-down, we've lost them, dropped off Ryan, and are landing in the parking area in front of my house.

Katelyn, Becki, and Lindsey are looking at me with sad expressions.  Becki is the only one to speak.  "It's so sad here in the real world.  We can't stay very long in reality, you know.  You wouldn't want the worst to happen."

I nod solemnly.  Only I can survive this place where craziness is a mental disorder instead of a natural gift.  "We don't have time for goodbyes.  But Becki, promise me something?"

She nods.

"Take care of this for me.  Make sure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands.  If I ever return, I may need it someday."  I hand her my wishing sock, and Peter takes off.
"Goodbye!"  I call, waving frantically.  I hope they can hear me.

Just before Peter disappears over the temporary rainbow only we can see, I hear Katelyn cry out, "Yes!  I got the photo!"

Friday, March 9, 2012


Featuring Jessica West as a guest star

By Kataleen the Kreative

(PS: Before reading this, click here, and you will REALLY get the feeling of shipwrecked. Just listen while reading.)

     “We’re shipwrecked!” Katelyn shouted out to nobody in particular. She looked around at the tired and shivering group.
     Becki looked at the others, and then shrugged. “Well, at least we’re alive. But I’m not a big fan of the dinosaur right now.”
     Emily sighed. “Is everyone okay? Where’s Lindsey?” Katelyn and Becki’s eyes grew as large as the coconuts that surrounded them.
     “You mean you don’t remember?” Katelyn whispered. Her voice was barely audible above the sound of the waves and seagulls.
      Emily narrowed her eyes and thought back to just two hours ago.

2 hours earlier
“Lindsey, my feet hurt! Why can’t we ride on Peter’s back too?” Katelyn whined. Her feet were really killing her, and it didn’t seem fair that Lindsey was riding—Er, flying—on Peter’s back.
     “Hush, Kataleen. We wouldn’t want to overload Peter, now would we? Anyway, he won’t fly someone that freely admits that she hates him.” Lindsey tossed her head and threw a smug smile towards Becki, who was about to fall over.
     Becki glared at Lindsey. “We all flew on him when we were escaping the white coat people at the mental hospital.”
Lindsey waved her hand in a dismissive way. “That was then. This is now.”
    “What’s the difference between then and—” Before Becki could finish her sentence, a group of youngsters surrounded them.
     Katelyn’s eyes widened. “Hide me!” She hissed. Becki raised her eyebrows and stepped aside, giving the little demons a better view of Katelyn. In no time at all, Katelyn was surrounded in a sea of children.
     “Hey! You’re pretty!”
    “Do you have any candy?”
     “I like your skirt!”
     “Will you be my Mommy?”
The shouts and screams from the kids nearly pushed Katelyn over the edge. She screamed and started running. She wasn’t even thinking. She just wanted to get away from the mob of children.
     “Run, Kataleen! I’ll keep the children from killing you! Here, take Peter!” Lindsey shouted above the squeals and shouts. Katelyn, Becki, Emily, and yes, even Peter the Pterodactyl, all climbed onto a ship. Katelyn slid down the wall, and let out a sigh of relief.
     “What was that all about, Katelyn?” Becki looked at Katelyn, questioning.
     Katelyn winced and leaned forward. “Kids. They, uh, for some reason they like me. They never leave me alone!” She sighed and plopped back against the wall.
     They all sat there, silent. But then a familiar voice filled the air and Katelyn couldn’t believe her ears. “Aunt Jessie?” Jessica West walked out, looking confused and delighted.
     “Katelyn! How’s my favorite niece?” Before Katelyn could answer, water shot up into the sky. It was enough to rival Old Faithful. Everyone whirled around and looked at Peter, who had apparently tried to bite into a fish, but missed and bit a hole into the boat.
     “Peter!!!! Bad dinosaur! Bad, very bad!” Katelyn shouted at Peter, and then realized she was screaming at something that could swallow her whole. “Uh, what I meant was….EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE BOAT! C’MON! We’re gonna drown!” They all dog-paddled until they all got to shore.

“Wait, where’s your aunt?” Emily looked around, but they couldn’t find Jessica anywhere. Katelyn searched around, frantic. Becki stood up. “Me and Emily will look for her, you figure out a plan or something.” With that, Becki and Emily walked off, leaving Katelyn by herself with Peter. She looks at the dinosaur, not sure whether to run after Becki and Emily or to sit here and pretend to be Lindsey. She decided that being Lindsey would be more interesting.
     “You know, Peter, I ought to thank you. Who knows where that boat was heading?” Katelyn gave a laugh that felt entirely too fake. “I mean, we could have been on a pirate ship, or serial killers. At least we’re on land. By ourselves. Or maybe—” Katelyn paused and then jumped up. “There might be cannibals on this island! They might be watching us, at this very second. Waiting, just waiting to attack.” She looked around, and then laughed. “Why am I even talking to you? You don’t know what I’m saying and you can’t talk back!” She turned to go when she heard words muttered under someone’s breath. She turned back around and looked suspiciously at Peter. “Did you say something?”
     Peter lifted his head. His fangs shone in the sunlight, as he seemed to smile. “Yes, yes I did.”
     Katelyn caught her breath and nearly fainted. “I’ve been out in the sun too long.” She said, shaking her head. She glanced at Peter again, who just grinned at her. “I wonder if Lindsey knows you can talk.”
     “Of course she does. I’m her ‘pet’, am I not?”
Katelyn just stared at him. “Suuuurrre. Okay. Um, I’m going over there for awhile. Uh, nice—talking to you.”  Katelyn edged away from Peter, who was grinning at her like the cat who caught the cannery. She turned to run, but nearly plowed into…Jessica!
     “Jessie! I thought you were missing! Are you okay? Look, Peter can talk!” She turned to Peter, who now looked like any regular dinosaur. Whatever a regular dinosaur looked like.
     “Uh, Katelyn? I don’t really like…Peter. I’m fine, I thought I was missing too, but then I saw you over here talking to yourself.” Jessica looked nervously behind Katelyn, where Peter was sitting, staring them down.
     “Do you want to get off this island?” Katelyn asked.
     Jessica looked a little surprised at the question. “Well, of course I do! Don’t you?”
Katelyn didn’t answer. She picked up a stick and began to draw lines in the sand.
     “Katelyn? Um, are you feeling okay?”
Still no answer. Then she looked up and her eyes filled with hope. “It’s almost 5 o’clock.” Then she ran past Peter.
     Jessica watched Katelyn pace for a few minutes and then blurted out, “I think we should kill the dinosaur!” That stopped Katelyn. She slowly turned towards Jessica, and then just…stared.
     “If we’re gonna starve, then at least he could be our food. I hear dinosaurs taste like chicken.” Jessica shrugged. Katelyn still stared. “Won’t you say something!? Anything!”
     Katelyn nodded. “Maybe you’re right. But how?” She glanced over at Peter, who was watching her with utmost interest.
     Jessica seemed to think for a moment, then shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ll come up with a plan, and you stay here and guard the dinosaur.” She began to walk off, and Katelyn watched her, astonished.

1 hour later
Katelyn had talk to Jessica, and they both decided not to kill Peter. Katelyn didn’t really want to be killed by Lindsey. So, Peter was safe, and Katelyn had an idea.
     “Jessica, I’m gonna play Lindsey’s part for now. This is what I need; two coconuts, two long strands of grass, nail polish, flint, a boar, and some dry sticks. Get them pronto!”
     Jessica mumbled something under her breath, but went in search of the supplies. Just as Jessica left, Becki and Emily came back, nearly tripping over each other.
     “Katelyn! There’s a boat heading this way! We tried to get their attention, but they couldn’t hear us!” Emily could barely say the words, she was panting so hard.
     “We need to come up with a plan!” Becki said, her eyes brightening.
     Katelyn shook her head. “I’ve got that covered. I’m taking Spicy Carrot’s—Er, I mean, Lindsey’s place right now.” Becki grinned and Emily giggled.
“Okay, what’s the plan?” Becki asked.
     “First things first. We need two coconuts, two long blades of grass, nail polish,” Katelyn looked at Becki. “A boar, a goat, flint, and dry sticks. Got it?”
Becki raised her eyebrows. “Why do we need all of that?”
     Katelyn scowled at her. “Just get it, okay?” Becki shrugged and walked off. Katelyn shaded her eyes against the afternoon sun and looked at Emily.
      “Uh, Emily, you going to help or just sit there?”
Emily didn’t answer. She seemed mesmerized by whatever was behind Katelyn. Katelyn turned her head and saw a ship nearing the island. Katelyn sprang into action, picking up two coconuts and dry sticks. She dropped them near Emily, and then ran to the trees. She pulled two long, stretchy blades of grass and put them with the other stuff.
     “What’s taking Jessica and Becki so long? They should have found everything by now.” Just as she said that, Becki and Jessica re-appeared from behind the trees and walked towards them, empty-handed.
     “We couldn’t find anything! Where do you expect us to get a goat and boar on this island?” Jessica asked, frustrated.
Katelyn shook her head. “I’ll find them. First, Becki, give me your nail polish.”
     Becki’s eyes widened. “No.”
“Becki, please? We need to get off this island!”
     Becki rolled her eyes. “No joke. Why don’t we just fly on Peter? He’ll get us off the island.”
“He might eat us! He’s really hungry!” Katelyn was pretty much begging now. Her plan wouldn’t work unless she had nail polish. And Becki was the only one with it. “I promise I’ll buy you more.”
     Becki rolled her eyes. “I’ll do it if you buy me more nail polish, pay me $100, and take Spicy Carrot’s—Er, Lindsey’s cricket bat and give it to me.”
     “Deal.” Becki tossed the nail polish to Katelyn. Katelyn caught it and placed it with everything else. “Didn’t anybody get the goat and boar?”
Jessica shook her head. “We couldn’t find them.”
     “Becki, I thought you had an infinite supply of goats.”
Becki shrugged. “I ran out.”
    Emily sighed and began to pace. “Are we never going to get out of here?” She asked, exasperated.
     “We will. I just need a goat and a boar.” Katelyn began to pace. “Forget the goat.” She suddenly declared. “I just need two boars.” Everyone watched Katelyn walk into the woods. They waited a few moments, and then they heard rustling and squeals. They held their breath when everything fell silent. Katelyn re-appeared with a knocked-out boar. She grinned as everyone gaped at her.
     “How did you knock him out?” Emily asked.
“Oh, I just used Becki’s medication. You know; the ones I carry around just in case she gets a little crazy.” She took the boar to Peter, and fed it to him. She dusted her hands off and turned back to the gaping group. “One down, one to go!” She darted back into the woods and the squealing started again. She came back out with another boar, this one fighting.
     “Becki! Come here and grab his neck!” Becki’s eyes grew as wide as dinner plates.
“Are you crazy? I’m not holding his neck! You couldn’t pay me to hold his neck! They’re dangerous!” Becki started backing away from Katelyn and the hyper boar.
     “C’mon, Becki! You hang out with Lindsey, don’t you? She’s the one I’m scared of.”
“Lindsey doesn’t have tusks. The tusks are scary.”
     “Becki, please? If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone that you’re in love with the infamous murderer, Reth Fallcon!” 
Becki’s face got as red as the crab that danced along the sand. “I’m NOT in love with Reth!”
     “Other people don’t know that.”
“Fine. I’ll hold his stupid neck.” Becki grabbed onto the boar’s neck and Katelyn went behind the boar and pulled his tail. The screech filled the air, and everyone jumped in surprised.
      “Why did you do that!?” Becki screamed.
“I had to. The captain on the ship might hear it and come to investigate.” Katelyn fed that boar to Peter too, and then moved towards the coconuts. She looked up in realization. “Do any of you have flint?”
     Emily shoved her socks at Katelyn. “Here, use my socks.”
     “Thanks.” Katelyn picked the flint off the socks and placed it on the dry sticks. She proceeded to rub the dry sticks together until at last a small fire burned at the end of the sticks. She poured half of the nail polish into one of the coconuts and then put the fire into the coconut. She quickly placed the coconut on the stretchy grass. She looked towards the sea, aimed, and fired off her makeshift bomb. It flew through the air and landed on the deck of the ship. Within seconds of landing, it exploded and men ran out of their cabins, trying to put it out. Katelyn started screaming and yelling and dancing around. The others caught on and began to do the same. The men on the ship looked up and spotted them. The boat slowly, but surely, came closer and closer until it touched land. Katelyn cheered while Becki danced with Peter. Emily suddenly looked scared for a moment. She tapped Katelyn on the shoulder and then pointed to the captain.
     Becki’s eyes grew wide and she nearly tripped over a seashell. “R-R-Reth?!?! What are you d-d-doing here? Y-y-you’re supposed to be in prison!” Becki then turned to the group. “Run for your lives! Jump on Peter!” The group ran for Peter.
     “Go Peter!” Peter spread his wings and they were lifted into the air.
“Hang on, girls! I’ll get us outta here!” Peter said, as they soared through the sky. They soon landed right beside Lindsey, who was watching Veggie Tales with a group of little kids, who were all drooling.
     “Lindsey! We have so much to tell you!” Becki said, excited. Lindsey didn’t notice. She just sat there, drooling all over herself. Becki shrugged. “We’ll have to wait until the show is over.”

2 hours later
“Lindsey, Katelyn finished an adventure all by herself!”
     Lindsey bowed her head and wiped away a small tear. “I’m done crying. C’mere, Katelyn! I have to beat you with my cricket bat!”
“What?! What did I do to deserve that?” Katelyn began running, as she had done many other times due to Lindsey and her beloved cricket bat.
      Becki rolled her eyes and pulled out her cell phone. “Emily? I need you over here. Fast. They’re at it again.” She hung up and marched out of the front door, about to go break up another fight, like the good Mommy she was.

                                                                        The End….........
                                                                                                    For now    ;)