Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The day we almost did something illegal, by Becki Badger

Earlier that day:
"Grillz, I love Reth.  He's the love of my life."
"Lindsey,"  Becki said.  "Reth is a murderer, and he's also in jail."
"Yeah, but he shouldn't be there!  I'm gonna break him out!"
Emily, Katelyn, and Becki: ". . . . ."

Later that day:
"I can't believe we're doing this."  Becki looked at Katelyn, whose eyes were as large as those annoying windmills.  They were sitting on top of a hill that looked over a maximum security facility.  She didn't get a chance to say anything, however, before Lindsey showed up with Emily.
"Alright, grillz, we have everything I asked you to get?"
Katelyn groaned.  "I have the nine oranges and the fake potted bamboo plant.  I still can't believe you got us into this."
"Mm-hmm,"  was the only response she got.  "Beekee?"
Becki sighed.  She was a little skeptical, as well.  "A box of tissues, a plastic bag, and you'd better thank your lucky stars that I managed to scrounge up three double-A batteries."

"Aw, you know I appreciate you, Beekee."  She beamed at me.  "Emmalee?"
Emily held out her hand, palm open.  "Life Savers, as ordered."
"Thank you!  And I have the fist-sized chunk of raw rubber.  Ooh,"  she grimaced.  "none of you happened to bring hip waders."
The other three looked at each other.  "Uh . . . no,"  Becki said, slowly.
"Should we have?"  Katelyn said, nervously.
Lindsey sighed.  "Well, it can't be helped.  Come on, let's go."
"What about the hip waders!"  Katelyn wailed after her as she started down the other side of the hill, away from the prison.
"Oh, never mind about them!"  Lindsey hollered back.  "You'll survive without them!"
"I have a bad feeling about this,"  Emily said.  They hurried to catch up to Lindsey.  "Hey, how'd you find out Reth's here, anyway?"
Lindsey winked at her.  "I have my sources."
"What are we going to do with all this stuff?"  Becki said, glancing back at Katelyn, who was hauling around the potted plant.
"Are we really going to ask questions all day?  Because I don't have time for this.  My true love is waiting!"
She surged ahead, and Emily and Becki looked at each other while they waited for Katelyn to catch up.
"We have to stop her,"  Becki said.
"Wait, what did I agree to?"  Katelyn said, breathlessly.
"We're going stop Lindsey before she commits an actual crime,"  Emily filled her in.
"Well, it's about time someone knocked some common sense into her!"

"Okay, in you go."  Lindsey opened the hatch and a stomach-turning stench wafted out.  They all gagged, and Lindsey quickly shut the hatch again.  "Oh, that's right, I forgot.  Who has the oranges?"  Katelyn handed the bag to her, covering her mouth with her hand, after dropping the potted bamboo.  "Someone help me open them."
"Why are we peeling oranges?"  Becki asked, on her second orange.
"Don't forget to eat them as you go.  We don't need the actual fruit.  And try to keep the peels in as large pieces as possible."
"We're keeping the peels?"  Emily said, stooping to pick up the peel she'd dropped on the ground.
"Well, you don't want to go down there unarmed, do you?"
Somehow, that was not as reassuring as she meant it to be.
"Okay, now hold a peel to your nose, and let's go."  Lindsey was about to duck in when another character entered the story.  So to speak.
"Becki, what are you doing here?"  Becki's eyes widened, and Lindsey let the hatch drop back in place.
"How are you-  But I-"  she stammered.
"Ryan!"  Becki froze, not believing she was actually seeing him.  He was Reth's brother, and one of Becki's best friends.  She also hadn't seen him for at least a year.  Not since-  Oh, never mind.  It's complicated.
"Why did you break into my house?"
Becki ground her teeth and turned to Lindsey.  "Linzee, why did you break into Ryan's house?"
Lindsey winced.  "I told you I had my sources.  Don't yell at me!"
Becki sighed.  "Sorry, Ryan.  It won't happen again."
'Well, it better not,"  he said, seriously.  "K freaked out when she thought someone had been digging through her stuff."
"How did you know to find us here?"  Emily spoke up.
"The only thing she took was a printout of an encrypted email from Brett.  It wasn't hard to tell where she was going after that."
"I don't suppose you can talk Linzee the Leader into stopping this crazy mission?"
"You're breaking Reth out, aren't you?"
There was silence.  They were far too easy to read.
"That obvious?"  Katelyn said.
"Well, you are heading into the sewer system of a maximum security facility in the middle of nowhere, and I happen to know that there's only one prisoner in there."  Again . . . silence.  Ryan groaned.  "Why?  Why would you ever want to break him out?"
"Because he's my true love!"  Lindsey shrieked, then ducked her head.  "Sorry . . . I get excited."
"The fact that you should get psychiatric help aside, I wouldn't do that."
"Why not, besides the obvious?"  Katelyn wondered.
Ryan surveyed the items we were carrying.  "For one thing, you guys are lugging around a potted bamboo plant."
"You didn't expect me to bring him flowers, did you?"
He cocked an eyebrow at her.  "Um . . . okay, then.  You're also bringing a box of Kleenex."
"I'm prone to tears,"  she said, matter-of-factly.
"The plastic bag?"
"What if there's no trash can to throw the Kleenex away?"
"I brought my portable CD player for romantic music."
"And . . . Life Savers?"
"Mint.  In case there's any snogging later."
There was a long pause.  No one was quite sure what to say about this.  Finally, Ryan shook himself.  "I'm almost afraid to ask about the rubber."
Lindsey laughed.  "Oh, that's a stress-reliever for anyone who starts freaking out.  (CoughKatelynCough.)"
"Lindsey, you're going to be the first one he kills.  You know that, right?"
Lindsey seemed to be considering this.  Then she shrugged.  "It's worth true love."
Ryan shrugged.  "Well, you can give it a try, but I warned them that there was going to be a break-in today, so they'll be waiting to arrest you."
Lindsey's eyes became enormous.  "You did what!!!!"
He nodded.  "Yep, but don't worry.  I told them the person was probably delusional, so they'll take you to a mental hospital, instead of locking you up in a prison across the country from this one."
"Oh, no!"  Lindsey hollered.  "He's not worth that much!  It was nice meeting you, Ryan, but we girls have kangaroos to rescue!"
She dropped the rubber she'd been holding and dashed down the hill.  The others were left wondering what had just happened.
"Well, that was easier than I thought it would be,"  Becki said.
"At least we know these work."  We turned to Emily, who was holding something small, fuzzy, orange, and pink.
"Uh, what is that, Emmalee?"  Katelyn said.
"It's a wishing sock I picked up at the mental hospital on the way out.  I can't believe I forgot about it until now."

And that was the day we (or rather, Emily,) stopped Linzee from committing a crime that would have changed her life forever.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Return to Crazy Cape, or, Nasty Bananas and More Goats

RETURN TO CRAZY CAPE, or, Nasty Bananas and More Goats
Misadventure Number Two, by Emily the Eager

She opened her eyes slowly.  Everything was hazy and groggy, and the world was spinning and dipping dizzily around her.  She tried to wipe her eyes, but her arms were firmly locked around her middle, and she seemed to be lying on her side.  In fact, she was lying on something very hard and cold.  With much difficulty and a lot of dizziness, she managed to sit up.  After a full ten minutes, she finally remembered.

"Lindsey. Becki. Katelyn."  Her whisper grew louder with each word.  "I'm in the Crazy Cape Island mental facility.  They left me.  They wouldn't leave me!"  By now she was almost yelling.  Stumbling in a drug-induced haze, she tripped to the window.  The bars were no longer there, and strange peach-colored goop was stuck to the sides and the stubs of bars left along the edges.

"Wait!  Y'all forgot me!"  Her voice was screeching in panic.  Was that smoke she smelled?  She wobbled over to the door and almost collided with it.  She managed to peek through the window.

The hall was unusually empty, especially considering she'd just shrieked her head off.  Normally that would incite a needle-armed doctor to burst in and drug every patient in the room.  The only thing she could see right now, however, was an abandoned cart covered in needles and jars.  The air still smelled strangely of smoke.  Lindsey hadn't employed her hourglass-decoy-bomb, had she?  That rickety smoke gag was nowhere near safe.  Then again, neither was its inventor.

Just then she remembered the cell phone Becki had used to call Lindsey to their rescue.  Her mind seemed to be clearing up, and she was rapidly gaining control over her body.  With some struggle, she used the secret maneuver Katelyn had taught her to slip out of her straitjacket.  Immediately she fled to the bed and slipped her hand under the pillow.

"Bingo!"  With relief flooding her chest, she yanked the phone out and dialed the only number she knew by heart, the only nurse she knew personally.

"Mrs. Cordial?  Hi.  There's been a mistake, and I'm stuck in an abandoned mental hospital."  She sincerely hoped that was the truth.  A single doctor left in this facility meant it was only a matter of time before needles started flying again.  "Anyway, I know you're a nurse and used to work here and all and I was wondering if you had a key I could use to get out?"  Her words pushed each other out, in a hurry to reach the phone.

"Sorry, sweetie, can't do that without the doctor's orders.  But I hope you feel better soon!"

"But-"  The phone clicked off, and Emily knew it was no use.  She'd hung up on her.

She was about to flop on the bed and despair, but an unearthly noise drew her to the window.  It sounded like a cross between an airplane crashing and Big Bird learning to fly.  When she reached the window, she had to pinch herself just to check she wasn't seeing drug-induced hallucinations.

Nope, that pterodactyl was definitely there, sitting outside her window.  And her friends were all dismounting its back.

"Holy canoli!  Please tell me that's not part of your Grand Escape Plan, Lindsey!"

Lindsey, Becki, and Katelyn stood outside the window.  Lindsey put her hands on her hips.  "We could just leave you here again, you know."

"No, no, it's a great plan!  You're a genius, truly, Lindsey!  Now will you get me out of here before-"  Apparently there was still at least one needle-happy nurse still in the building, because he slammed open the door and headed straight for the foursome gathered at the window.

Katelyn shrieked.  Emily screamed.  Becki sighed in frustration.  The ever-prepared, scheming Lindsey, on the other hand, shoved a goat into Emily's hands.  She caught on quickly.

"Lindsey, Becki, Katelyn, you do your things!  I'll take care of Mr. Needles-The-Size-Of-Texas!  HURRY PEOPLE!"  Before she knew it, she was fighting off not one but FIVE doctors and nurses - all with their own arsenal of needles.  The poor goat was already in a stupor and quickly heading towards unconsciousness - possibly permanent.

Becki pulled out a trumpet and Katelyn screamed at Lindsey.  "Help us here, Lindsey!  You're The Leader, remember!?"

She screamed back.  "My plan won't work anymore!  We need a new one!  We'll need laundry detergent, a lasso, a stop sign, five refrigerators, a hairclip, and bananas. LET'S MOVE IT PEOPLE!" She snapped at Becki, who dropped the trumpet to the floor.

Katelyn shrugged off her Mary Poppins Exclusive backpack and pulled out laundry detergent, one fridge, a freezer, and a banana.  After a moment of more digging and almost falling in once, she pulled out a stop sign.  Becki climbed out the window.

"Becki, don't leave me!  I mean us!"  Emily was beyond panicky now.  She was flipping out.  The goat was getting seriously heavy, and the doctors never ran out of needles.  How many jars could one scrubs jacket hold?

Becki rematerialized in the room.  "Chillax.  I just needed to use my emergency teleporting skills.  Lindsey, I've got a fridge and two freezers here, way more bananas than should be legal to own at one time, and an authentic lasso.  Will these work?"

Lindsey sighed.  "I suppose freezers will do.  Now, everybody eat a banana.  The potassium will prevent muscle cramps."

All three of her companions made gruesome faces, but Becki and Katelyn ate theirs.  Then Becki and Emily traded goat for banana and she managed to swallow hers down.  Lindsey shoved hers down and then grabbed the stop sign.  "EVERYBODY AWAY FROM THE DOOR!"

Becki, Emily, and Katelyn (plus one unconscious and seriously drugged goat) immediately fled to the opposite side of the room.  Before they knew what hit them, all five doctors had succumbed to a stop sign whacked on their heads.

"Lindsey!"  Katelyn gasped.  "You've never been so violent!"

She shrugged and tossed the stop sign on the bed before sliding the laundry detergent into a fridge.  "They'll be fine.  Besides, that particular brand of laundry detergent you brought has magical healing powers when refrigerated.  Anyway, y'all come help me lock them in the freezers and refrigerators.  WHERE IS MY HAIRCLIP?!"

Becki and Katelyn looked at each other, shrugged, and followed orders.  Emily hurried to pull her jumbo hairclip out of the long, tangled mass that was her hair.  Lindsey proceeded to sabotage the seals on each fridge and freezer.  Soon the middle of the room was occupied with a circle of five freezers and refrigerators, tied together and securely shut with a lasso.  Lindsey pulled an alarm clock from her coat pocket.  "This will wake them up and alert the rest of the building in exactly two hours.  C'mon, let's get to Peter before we run out of time!"

"Peter?"  Emily looked at the others, bewildered.  "Who's Peter?"

Becki snorted.  "World's worst reptile."

Lindsey gave her the Evil Eye.  "ALSO your only method of escape."

Becki simpered.  "He's... got his nice moments.  A smooth fly-er, I guess."

The Foursome boarded the pterodactyl and Lindsey got him going.  Emily held on for dear life at first, but soon she relaxed like the others.  "Finally, we're going home."  She smiled.

Lindsey glanced back at her.  "Not quite.  I've just heard from an Australian spy-friend of mine from my stint with CIA that there's a secret kangaroo-smuggling ring nearby.  He requires our assistance immediately.  We'll have to trade Peter in for some less conspicuous jetpacks along the way, of course, but I'm afraid there's no time to stop at home.  Especially if we want to have time for the gift shop."

Katelyn sighed.  "To Australia, then, cap'n?"

Lindsey grinned back at the gang.  "To Sydney, mate!"


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Escape from Crazy Cape Island


A Short Story by Katelyn the Kreative

Chapter 1
One day, not too long ago, there were these three girls, Becki, Emily, and Katelyn. They were kidnapped
from their homes, sucked through the computer screen to a mental hospital on Crazy Cape Island. Try as they 
might, they couldn't break out. Every morning, the doctors would come into the room and drug them, to keep
them from trying to escape. However, today was different. The doctors were busy torturing the new patients,
 and Becki had found a phone.
“Hey, guys! I found a cell phone. Let’s try to call Lindsey!” Becki was nearly trembling with excitement.
Emily and Katelyn seconded the idea. “Yes!” They whispered in unison.
Becki’s trembling fingers punched in the numbers, and hit the send button. The three held their breath. “Hello?” Lindsey answered. Katelyn shrieked in joy, and Becki clamped her hand over Katelyn’s mouth.
“Lindsey? It’s Becki. I’m here with—”
Lindsey’s scream was so loud, Becki had to press the cell phone into a pillow. “Hey! How are you? You, Emily, and Katelyn haven’t been on Facebook in so long, I thought y’all had been kidnapped!” Lindsey laughed. “How crazy is that?”
Becki rolled her eyes. “Lindsey, listen. We have been kidnapped, but we don’t know why!”
“What? Wait, where are y’all?”
“If we knew we’d tell you!” Emily shouted in the phone.
“Shhhhh!” Becki said, glaring at Emily.
Lindsey didn’t say anything for a minute. “Well, how am I going to get y’all out?”
The pause seemed to last for hours. “Well, we’re by an ocean. We can hear the waves and seagulls.” Katelyn said.
“Well, that helps a lot!” Lindsey said sarcastically. “A lot of the world is covered by oceans. Like, over 70%”
“We know, we know, but we were zapped through our computer screens when we clicked on some link.” Becki seemed to grow more frustrated by the second.
“Wait! I know!” Lindsey screamed again. “I’ll get Peter to help me find y’all!”
The girls looked at each other. “Peter?” Becki asked skeptically. “Who’s Peter?”
“No time to chat, gals! I have to get Peter! Look, we’re going to need some stuff.”
Becki sighed. “What kind of stuff? We don’t have a lot of time. Like, the doctors could come back any minute and stick more needles in us.”
“Oh, nothing much. Just a blender, rubber bands, and a screwdriver. Be there in a sec!” The phone clicked off.
“Agh! What are we going to do? We’ll never get out of here!” Emily looked like she was about to cry.
“Uh-uh. We’ll get out of here. We have to!”
Just then, a doctor walked into the room, looking at a clipboard. Becki slid the phone under a pillow before the doctor looked up at them. “Well, well. The patients haven’t had their shots today. You,” He grabbed Emily’s arm. “Will come with me. We can’t have our patients planning their escapes. I’ll be back in 45 minutes.” He walked out dragging Emily with him.
“Wait! How are we going to get Emily back?” Becki cried.
“Leave it to me!” Lindsey waltzed into the room, carrying a big bag. “I have the perfect escape plan! I got the rubber bands, blender, and a screwdriver. I even have a croquet mallet.” Lindsey took the blender out of the bag and began hitting it with the screwdriver.
“How do you come up with these things?” Becki asked.
Lindsey held up her hand. “Shh, I need to concentrate on this blender!”
“Then stop yelling!” Becki shouted.
Lindsey looked up and shouted, “Nurse! We need a sedative!”
“You can’t talk! You’re breaking us out of here. Besides, you’re not a doctor. They know that, and then you’d become a prisoner here.”
Lindsey laughed. “Notice the outfit? I stole it from a janitor. He is in a trunk and on his way to Canada. Not important. What’s important is that you stop yelling!” Lindsey hit the blender with the screwdriver again.
“What’s with the blender and the mallet?” Becki seemed very confused.
Lindsey smiled. “Why, it’s a part of my wonderful escape plan. By the way, we need a crossbow, an hourglass, three goats, one of us must learn how to play the trumpets, and another to do jazz hands.”
Becki shuddered. “I’m officially scared.”
“No time to be scared! We have to get this thing done!” Lindsey clapped her hands.
Becki shook her head. “I’m confused.”
Katelyn, who had been listening to them argue, spoke up. “I’m doubly confused. Good to know that I’m not really crazy!”
“And yet, you are the ones stuck in an insane asylum, and I’m the one breaking y’all out.” Lindsey said, laughing.
“That’s because you’re smart enough to not get caught.” Becki sneered.
Katelyn laughed. “I was set up! I was talking to myself, trying to think like the main character of my book would think. Someone must have overheard me and told this mental hospital!”
“Yeah,” Becki said. “Lindsey is too smart to talk to herself in public. That’s why she’s not in a crazy house yet.”
Just then, the door creaked open. Emily snuck in, and quickly shut the door. “I overheard the conversation. I volunteer to play the trumpet.”
“Okay, I’ll do jazz hands.” Becki stated.
Lindsey nodded her head in approval. “I know a guy with a few goats. Let’s do this thing!”
“Whoo-hoo!” Becki shouted.
Katelyn pulled out an hourglass. “I knew this would come in handy some day!”
“Great! I’ve got a crossbow!” Becki shouted.
Katelyn thought for a moment. “What is all of this for?”
Becki’s face fell. “I don’t know.” Her face suddenly lit up. “But we can ask Lindsey!”
“I have a feeling we don’t really want to know.” Katelyn said nervously.
Emily nodded. “I agree with Katelyn. Let’s just follow Lindsey’s instructions and pray she has a little more sanity than we do. At least, enough to get us out of here so we can go buy that bus! Which, by the way Becki, we never did agree on, did we?”
Katelyn looked confused. “What bus?”
“Oh, Lindsey, Becki, and I are going on some book-signing tour in a ridiculously large bus. Sometime in a year or two, I think.” Emily smiled.
“We’re not buying a Doctor Who bus.” Becki said firmly.
Emily nodded. “Agreed!”
Lindsey gave them a look. “Can we get back to the plan? We don’t have time for un-important chit-chat.”
“Wait, why don’t we just use a key to get out?” Emily asked.
Becki nodded her head. “Now there is a novel idea! Why don’t we just use a key, Lindsey?”
“Why didn’t I think of that?” Katelyn shook her head. “And to think we were doing all of this crazy stuff.”
Becki put her head in her hands. “Lindsey, oh, Lindsey. Why do you have to make everything harder?”
“Because it’s more fun with blenders, trumpets, and goats!” Lindsey said.
Becki shook her head. “You can play with blenders, trumpets, and goats while we are locked in a bouncy room in coats that make us hug ourselves. And the people in the white coats are driving me crazy!”
“It’s ‘cause you’re not doing jazz hands! We cannot proceed without jazz hands!” Lindsey said with her hands on her hips.
“My hands are wrapped around myself! Katelyn, you do jazz hands!”
Katelyn started clapping her hands together in the jazz hands rhythm. “Uh, the white coat people just said they are about to put me on more meds!”
Becki laughed. “That’s nothing. I'm already so drugged up I'm in a conscious coma!”
“Ha! I feel the same. I think they want to kill me!” Katelyn swayed, the medicine making her dizzy.
“I think they're trying to!” Becki said.
Katelyn stopped doing jazz hands and pointed to Emily. “Look, she’s so drugged up, she passed out an hour ago.”
Lindsey tied a few horses to the bar windows. “Guys, I’m not seeing any jazz hands here!”
Becki and Katelyn began doing jazz hands. “Wait. What’s with the jazz hands?” Becki asked, getting drowsy.
“These horses were part of a musical gig. They only respond to hand signals and jazz hands is the signal for go.” Lindsey explained, grabbing the hourglass from the table.
Becki started giggling. “Lindsey really did have a plan!”
“Oh, okay. Um, guys? The white coat people are coming!” Katelyn pointed to the door, and then started doing jazz hands as fast as she could.
“Quick, pretend to be hugging yourself!” Becki yelled. She wrapped her arms around her waist.
Lindsey just laughed. “Pshhhh, I always have a plan. Now take these blendered rubber bands and smush them in between the bars! Quick! I've jammed the croquet mallet in the doors so they can't get through! And someone play the trumpet.”
Katelyn hugged herself. “They have needles the size of Texas!” Katelyn then took out the trumpet Lindsey had, and began to play.
“I’ll do it Lindsey!” Becki said as she took the blendered rubber bands and smushed them into the window bars.
“Great! That summons Peter, my pet pterodactyl. He’s our getaway. Now, all together, do jazz hands!” Lindsey, Becki, and Katelyn began doing jazz hands as loud and fast as they could. The horses then ripped the bars off the windows, and galloped away.
“Yes! Now, everyone get on top of the pterodactyl!
But don't go near his mouth, he's hungry and grumpy. That's what the goats are for.”
There were tears in Becki’s eyes. “You’re going to kill the goats? Couldn’t it have at least been a cow or sheep?”
“Um, the dinosaur just licked his lips and he’s looking at me!”
Lindsey rolled her eyes. “Just get in the saddle people.” She launched the hourglass from the crossbow, and then there was a terrible explosion from inside the building. “There, that should distract those doctors. Becki, get in the saddle and stop licking Peter!”
Becki’s mouth dropped wide open. “I am not licking Peter! I don’t like Peter! Peter scares me!”
Lindsey gave Becki a look. “I saw you licking him just now and don’t deny it! Now, does anyone have any chapstick?
“I was not licking Peter! But I have some chapstick! Bubblegum flavor!”
“I have Chapstick too!” Katelyn said.
“Perfect. Gimme.” Lindsey put the chapstick on her lips. “It’s always important to protect your lips while flying on a dinosaur.”
“Ooh, that’s real smart, Lindsey!” Becki said.
Lindsey raised her hand. “Miss Badger, stop yelling or I will turn this dinosaur around and drop you back off at the nuthouse!”
“Humph. Fine.” Becki crossed her arms and mumbled her plan of revenge against the stupid dinosaur.
“Well, we've escaped! Let's hope that's the end of our wacky misadventures! Oh, who am I kidding? We all know that's not true.” Lindsey said, laughing.
“Um, Becki? Peter is about to bite your leg.” Katelyn said, trying to keep all of her limbs away from Peter’s mouth.
“Eek! Get him away from me! Katelyn’s tastier, you stupid reptile!” Becki shrieked.
“I am not! Lindsey is!” Katelyn said, almost falling off Peter.
Becki pouted. “I hate you, Lindsey.”
“Becki, you hate everyone! Peter is about to bite you again.” Katelyn said, smiling.
Becki smiled. “Nope. I only hate the people who do nasty things to me. So there!”
Lindsey sighed. “Everyone, shush. Peter is happily munching on his remaining goats and has not eaten anyone.
“Yay! We’ve lived! But they drugged me up so much, now I’m exhausted.” Katelyn said, right before she fell asleep.
“Yeah, me too.” Becki yawned and fell asleep.
Just then, they heard a cry for help. It was Emily. “Wait! Y’all forgot me!”
Katelyn and Becki looked at each other. “Not again!” They cried together.
“At this rate, we’re going to need a name for our gang.” Becki said sadly.
And that is how the Fearsome Foursome became a group. Now they just have to rescue Emily…..

The End