Monday, April 23, 2012

How We Almost Tore the Time-Space Continuum, and How Linzee the Leader Saved the Day Yet Again


Beekee the Bold, AKA, Becki Badger

"Woah, I never knew life back then was so hard,"  Kataleen said.

"I know,"  I said.  "We should do this more often."  I rubbed my sore biceps.  "But let's try not to churn butter again."

"Tell me about it,"  Linzee said, wincing as she pressed her hand to her head.  "Turns out, training a horse is easier said than done."

"Guys?"  Jashmun said, hesitantly.  "I know I haven't been here as long as you, but does anyone else think there's something wrong with this place?"

We were back at the lagoon where we started most of our adventures, and I looked around.

"You're right!  Look at those rocks over there.  They're shimmering, which can only mean that they're bouncing between the real world and here."

"Humph,"  Kataleen said.  "I don't see anything wrong."  She started to lean against a tree and fell right through it!  "Woah!"

"Are you okay?"  Jahsmun said, rushing over to help her.  She shrieked.  "Beekee, Linzee, help me!"

Linzee glanced over, lazily.  "What's wrong now?"

I assessed the situation quickly.  "Kataleen's stuck in the tree!"

Kataleen started to cry as she stared at the tree, which had apparently decided to stay in our reality, trapping her foot inside it.  "I don't wanna be stuck in a tree for the rest of my life!"  she wailed.

"Oh, stop whining,"  Linzee said.  "We'll get you out, by hook or by crook."

Kataleen shrieked.  "You are not using a hook on my leg!"

"No, no,"  Jahsmun said.  "She means-  Oh, never mind.  Let's just work on getting you out.  Any plans?"  She looked, expectantly, at us.

Linzee shrugged.  "Don't look at me.  I tend to prefer flowers to trees."

And then they looked at me.  I sighed and wracked my brain for a solution.  Then I had an idea.  "We're going to pull her out the second the tree decides to join Emmalee's reality!"

It took fifteen minutes, but we managed to snatch her foot out.

"What in the African Safari is going on, here?"  I said, as a fish attacked Jahsmun.

"I don't know, but we'd better figure out,"  Linzee said.  Kataleen ran by, screaming, with about three billion ants chasing her.  "And soon."

"I might be able to help with that."

"Emmalee!"  Linzee shrieked, and grabbed our friend into a bear hug.

"What are you doing back here?"  I said.  "I mean, not that I don't want you here, but you can't come too often.  You know the consequences if you're here too long, and too often."

She looked at us, nervously.  "That's actually why I'm here."

"Emmalee!!!!"  Kataleen barreled into her for a quick hug before she was running from the ants again.

"You were saying?"  I said.

"I came back because objects from here kept appearing and disappearing back in the real world."

"I know,"  Linzee said.  "We can't figure out why, though!"

"I know why,"  Emmalee said, sadly.

My eyes widened.  "You do?  Why?"

"Me,"  she said, simply.  "It's getting unsafe for me to come here at all.  If we can't figure out a way to make it safe for me to to come back, I'll have to stay in the real world forever."

I thought I might cry.  Linzee, however, grinned.  "To the FF lair, then,"  she said.

I grinned, and Emmalee stared at her.  "The what?"



"Haha . . . I know, right?"  Jahsmun said.  "We even convinced Linzee to give up the ice cream room.  So now it's common property."

Emmalee craned her neck.

"What are you looking for?"  Kataleen said.

"The batmobile."

"Sorry,"  Linzee said.  "no batmobile.  However, we do have a Death Star."

Emmalee facepalmed.  "And what about the kangaroos you saved?"

"Third door to the left,"  Kataleen said, pointing down the hallway that led to our rooms.

"Yeah,"  Jahsmun said.  "but whatever you do, don't go into room 3.14159265.  It's the bathroom for the kangaroos."  She grimaced.  "I had to clean it last week."

Emmalee cocked an eyebrow.  "Um . . . good to know?"

"ANYWAY,"  I said.  "down to business.  How are we going to stabilize our world, so she can keep coming back?"

The silence was deafening.  You'd think that we'd be able to think of something.  I mean, we escaped from a mental hospital.  Three times!

"Wishing sock?"  Kataleen said, hopefully, after a while.

Emmalee shook her head.  "I tried that.  The problem is, it only effects this world.  We need to make sure the real world is stable, too."

"Try this."

We all whipped around to look at Linzee, who had apparently left and was now back and holding something out to Emmalee.  Our real world friend took it and fingered the "FF" bling-y key chain attached to a carabiner.

"A key chain?"  She said.  "How will this help anything?"

"It's not a key chain.  It's a Stabilizer.  As long as you wear this everywhere, you'll be able to go between the worlds without any 'side effects.'  It's also swag.  And swag is always cool.  We have T-shirts if you want to show more Fearsome Foursome spirit."

"Linzee, how'd you come up with that?"  I asked.

She shrugged.  "I have no idea.  What I do know is that anything is possible in this world.  So if I say something does something, it happens."

Of course Linzee would figure that out.  But that's why we love her.  And hopefully, we'll be able to see way more of Emmalee, now.



  1. I loved this!!!! My favorite part was the "swag" part. Linzee said it like we were a football team or something. :P

    1. Haha . . . I know. Linzee's always the comic relief. :D But everyone needs comic relief. It keeps things from getting stressed and tense.

  2. Ha, this was awesome! "We do have a Death Star..... And swag is always cool." Keep it up!

    Abbie /// XOXOX


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