Monday, May 7, 2012

Our writing contest . . .

We four are part of a blog that has a biweekly-ish writing prompt contest.  We have a ton of fun with it, so we decided to play with it and have mini-contests between ourselves.

The rules are:
1. Someone comes up with part of a sentence.
2. Everyone gets 100 words, plus the prompt, to write the beginning of a book.
3. The prompt has to be included anywhere in the hundred-odd words.

The first prompt was: The transformation began when . . .

Kataleen's: 94 words
The transformation began when Becki stepped inside her trans-whatever.  When she stepped out, she was covered in feathers, fur, and slime.
"Uh . . . what are you supposed to be?"  Jasmine asked, her head tilted sideways.
Becki rolled her eyes.  "Why, isn't it obvious?!"
The other three girls shook their heads slowly.
Becki sighed.  "I'm a Peatigersnake!"
Katelyn's eyes widened.  "A what?"
"It's basically a mix of peacock, tiger, and a snake."
The girls just stared blankly at Becki.  Lindsey finally spoke up.  "Why would you want to be that?  What do they do?"

The transformation began when scientists released a toxin into the air.  Everywhere people began dropping dead.  All except for the Fearsome Foursome, who were immune to airborne infections.  One day, the FF were out walking when a zombie began chasing them,  Soon zombies began appearing everywhere and the Foursome realized they were the only ones alive.  they began running and Peter swooped down.
"Hop on!"  cried Kataleen.
Peter flew up into the air, leaving the zombies looking up in bewilderment.
"Peter's gonna get tired soon!"  shouted Beekee.
Jahsmun, Kataleen, and Beekee looked at Linzee, who was crying, because she was completely out of ideas.

Linzee's: 103 words
The transformation began when the sun vanished, leaving me alone with the moon.  I had stood watching, motionless, for hours, praying that it wouldn't go.  But the sun always sets.  As the rim of gold slipped below the horizon, I felt the moonlight rip through my body.  I screamed - but then, I always screamed.  My bones twisted apart, rearranging themselves with sadistic intensity.  My skin stretched to its breaking point, struggling to accommodate shifting organs and expanding muscles.  I screamed again, but my mouth suddenly morphed into a muzzle.  My scream became a howl.  And then . . . then I didn't remember anything at all.

And mine (Beekee's): 104 words
The transformation began when . . . actually, I don't remember when it started.  I only know tales.  They say It happened because the gods were angry with us.  It began with a bright day.  Then the sky darkened.  The winds ceased, and everything stopped moving.  It had killed everything in Its path.  Then I was born.  The midwives told my mother she should kill me, or sell me to the slave traders, who would take me to a place where red-heads were considered prizes.  But Mother refused, insisting I might save the world one day.  And one day . . . I did.

Do any of you have any particular favorite?  We girls love feedback, of any kind.  :)

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