Monday, July 2, 2012

Jahsmun's Return...

By: Jahsmun the Jovial

       I am going to tell you a story of my return from the real world and my first rescue. I hope you'll enjoy it. I really enjoyed writing it. I could actually picture all of us doing and saying the things I have written in this story.

      I looked at everyone and noticed they were all crying. Katelyn walked up to me looked me in the eyes and said, "Jahsmun we're just so glad you're back safe and sound. Don't ever leave us again, the real is too dangerous for people like us. Okay?" 

     "Okay!" By this time I was crying too. "Group hug?" I asked. "Group hug!" Becki, Lindsey, Katelyn, and Stuffed Cat exclaimed.

     Oh, well, I suppose it would help if I started at the beginning. Silly me. Anyways this story is graphic and may not be suitable for young eyes and people who love popsicles. Mainly for people who love popsicles. Anyways, get to reading!  

       I slowly walked down the stairs into the lair. I took in a deep breath allowing the damp scent of pine needles and ice cream to fill my lungs. I breathed out a sigh of relief, "Ahh, it's good to be home." I walked down the long menacing hall to my room. It was unusually quiet. No bickering between Linzee and Katelyn, no threats from Becki for them to stop, absolutely nothing! Nothing but silence . . .This is odd. I turned around and checked each room in the lair. Where are they? There's no sign of the rest of the threesome anywhere.
     Suddenly, I heard a loud banging at the door. I grabbed Becki's katana out of her room (Shh, don't tell her) and raced up the stairs. I flung the door open only to find Peter staring at me. "Peter you scared me!" I exclaimed. "Wh-where is everyone?" I asked. Peter looked at me, turned around and motioned for me to climb on,then we took off!

30 minutes later...

     "Okay so you're telling me that Linzee and Beekee drug Kataleen up to Teddy Bear Mountain to get a stuffed animal? Then Kataleen was the chosen one that had to save the stuffed animals from the clutch of the evil popsicles? So they fought the popsicles and thought they killed them but really didn't and now the popsicles have them held hostage?" Peter nodded solemnly. "I SPECIFICALLY TOLD KATALEEN TO STAY AWAY FROM THOSE POPSICLES! Does anyone ever listen to Jahsmun? No! I'm not stupid . . . I do know some things!! Just wait til I find them, they are in a whirlwind of trouble."
     "We've arrived!" Peter announced as we landed on top of Teddy Bear Mountain. "They are in the dungeon of that castle right over there." Peter nodded off toward the left. "Stay safe Jahsmun, I'll be circling around the mountain in case y'all need an escape route," Peter called right before he soared into the air. I watched as he flew off, took in a deep breath, let it out and then marched to the castle.
     Upon arriving at the castle I noticed there were many evil popsicles guarding all the posts on the castle. Without hesitation I pulled Kataleen's Mary Poppin's Exclusive Backpack off my shoulder (don't ask how I got it) and pulled out a popsicle costume (I must ask her why she carries this around, later).With the costume on I was able to sneak through the doors, down the corridor and to the dungeon.
     Once I got in the dungeon, I took in my surroundings. I saw Kataleen, Beekee, Linzee, and a stuffed cat chained to the wall. Linze was asleep, Becki was looking at the ground, Kataleen was crying and the cat was staring intently at me. "Guys, it's me." I whispered. 
     "Jah-Jahsmun?" Kataleen croaked out. 
     "Why are you wearing that?" Becki asked curiously.
     "No time to explain, we gotta get out of here." I reached into my hair and pulled out a bobbypin. The cat's eyes lighted up, "You're my hero!" exclaimed Stuffed Cat. I quickly walked over to the threesome and the cat and picked the locks. "Okay listen carefully. I shall tell you how to destroy the popsicles. Okay you must melt them with a blowdryer first, then you must sprinkle salt over them. If you forget to sprinkle salt on them they'll regenerate. When they regenerate the turn into double popsicles which means they will be twice as smart, strong, and fast. Here take these wireless blowdryers/salt guns and follow me." The four that were captured all looked to Kataleen, grabbed a wireless blowdryer/salt gun and followed me.
     Once we were out of the dungeon we split up. Kataleen and Stuffed Cat went together and Becki and Linzee went together, I went solo. We all agreed to meet outside in ten minutes then took off.
I headed straight to the king and queens room. When I arrived I was NOT prepared for what I saw. The king had eaten the queen and quadrupled in size.My mouth dropped open and hung to the ground when he beckoned me over to him. In a very raspy voice he said, "I have been waiting for you. You are the real chosen one. You shall either fail miserably or wipe out the popsicle race. I have seen this in my crystal ball and it is up to me to cause you to fail. You shall not return to your friends alive Jahsmun! I was scientifically generated by Dr. Julius from Crazy Cape Island! I don't have the same weakness as the other popsicles! You will have to find my weakness while trying to live. Prepare to die!" Just then I pulled a flamethrower out of Kataleen's bag and aimed it. When I pulled the trigger nothing came out. I threw it to the side and fired up the blowdryer which had little to no effect on the king. Just then I thought of something. I knew his weakness! 
     "I love you!" I shouted at the king. The king's mouth twisted in horror as he crumpled to the ground. You see he was so hate-filled that love was his weakness. I sprinted over blasted salt all over his juicy remains then ran to meet the rest of the group.

20 minutes later..

     "Jahsmun! You're late! You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago! We were so worried about you!" the group explained as I stumbled out of the castle door and collapsed to the ground. They ran over to me and shrieked in horror! 
     "Are you okay!?" 
     "Yeah fine,  just really exhausted." I gave them a quick summary of what happened between me and the king and how I had ran all the way back to meet the group.
     Peter swooped down and picked us up and flew up back to the lair. This time the popsicles were gone for good.Once we got into the family/living room area or the lair I went berserck. "WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING! YOU COULD'VE BEEN HURT OR KILLED! I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT THE POPSICLES! DID YOU LISTEN? NO! MAYBE NEXT TIME SOMEONE WILL ACTUALLY LISTEN TO JAHSMUN. I'M NOT AS STUPID AS PEOPLE THINK! Okay I'm done blowing up at you guys. I love y'all and I'm glad y'all are safe. Rescueing you guys was actually fun." 
     "So Jahsmun how was the real world? We're glad you're back." said Becki breaking the silence.
     "It was great! I hiked up mountains,white water rafted and visited every continent.When I visited Antarctica I decided to go ice skating, let's just say that didn't go well.The ice that I wandered onto was too thin. I fell through and was there for quite a while. I actually felt the life draining from me and I was starting to lose conciousness but then this eskimo came up. He extended his hand to me and helped me out. He then took me back to his igloo and helped me warm up then set me on my way." I looked at everyone and noticed they were all crying. Katelyn walked up to me looked me in the eyes and said, "Jahsmun we're just so glad you're back safe and sound. Don't ever leave us again,the real is too dangerous for people like us. Okay?" 
"Okay!" By this time I was crying too."Group hug?" I asked. 
     "Group hug!" Becki, Lindsey, Katelyn, and Stuffed Cat exclaimed. This is how we ended up in a group hug! I'm finally starting to get used to the groups hugs and touching. :P

*Remember no matter how good they are, ALL popsicles are evil as 3 members of the Fearsome Foursome found out in the last two stories...Stay away from them!!