Becki Badger
Code name: Becki the Bold.
Aliases: Beekee, Beeeeecki!!!!
Age: 16
Height: 5' 8" (Tall, by most womens' standards, short by mine.  Give me a break, I hang out with my brothers and their friends, and they're all about six feet tall.)
Eyes: Brown (but I would love either blue or green).
Hair: Dark blond; curly (extremely, and NATURALLY); shoulder-length.
Weight: Uh, why did I even put this question in here???
Not-So-Secret Weapon: A Transmogrifier.

Meet Becki:
Some interesting things about you: Oh, gosh.  Well, I live in Wisconsin, and it's not cold here year round, although I do love Wisconsin winters.  I go deep-sea diving in the pond out back regularly, my favorite food is spaghetti squash over pumpernickel pudding, and I once thought about joining the CIA, but they wouldn't take me (something about being scared of me).  I am very technologically competent, which is why I'm putting this together.  Well, that and I like taking initiative.  I am very much an organizer, and am never happy unless I'm around people.  I love funny sayings, and my most interesting friends are the ones listed below.  (Yes, I equate interesting with slightly crazy).  Other than that, I'm just a regular small town girl.  Well, that's not quite true.  My friends and I manage to use the oddest things in the oddest ways.  For instance, goats can be used in way more ways than you'd think, and swag is not just for decoration.  I still don't know why Lindsey got the pterodactyl.  Oh, never mind.  She'll tell you about him.  Oh, yeah, and don't let Emily tell you I'm incompetent.  My name just happens to start with a "B."  If you want to know more about me, check out my blog!  ^_^

Katelyn Shear
Code name: Kataleen the Kreative
Aliases: Kataleen, Katie, Infant, Baby (Yes, baby. Since I'm the youngest. -_-)
Age: 13
Height: 5'1 (Hereby the shortest AND youngest of the group)
Eyes: Chocolate brown (but I wish they were green)
Hair: Brown; wavy/straight; just-past-shoulder length
Weight: 88 pounds (I don't know why I'm telling you this, you really DON'T need to know).
Not-So-Secret Weapon: Mary Poppins Exclusive backpack, as revealed in episode two
Meet Katelyn:
I'm a Christian and a girly-girl, and I love cats and reading. Go visit My Writing blog.. I get terribly bored when the other 3/4 of the Fearsome Foursome aren't online. I'm very strange, according to my family. I'm always writing a story of some kind. There are very few things that I get mad over, but just don't do any of them, and you will live (Even the devil himself is scared of me). I feel it's only fair to warn you about my temper. :D I am very crazy, but I do NOT own a dinosaur. So, I'm not as crazy as Lindsey. As you will find out, we are all VERY crazy. I wanted to join Interpol (the SUPER SECRET INTERNATIONAL POLICE ORGANIZATION), but they said I was too crazy to hide in plain sight. THey also said I draw too much attention to myself. Kids just love me *eye roll*. Well, enough about me, go read about Linzee and Jahsmun. And then go read about our adventures!

Lindsey Bradford
Code name: Lindsey the Leader
Aliases: Linzee
Age: 18
Height: Tall enough to hit my head on things but short enough that I can't reach the top shelf.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Darkish brownish blackish
Weight: Ask me and DIE.  (Note from Becki: She'll do it, too, so don't get on her bad side!)
Not-So-Secret Weapon: Peter the pterodactyl, as revealed in episode one

ABOUT LINDSEY: I live in Georgia.  I do not eat peaches every day of my life, thank you very much.  I am technologically incompetent (Becki: which is why Becki is putting this in for her.  Lindsey: Becki, stop ruining the flow of my words!  Becki: Okay, I'll stop.).  I like fireflies.  Not because they're pretty or anything, but because their butts glow and I am a child who finds that hilarious.  I have a pet whose name is Peter (Becki: He's a pterodactyl.  Lindsey: Becki!  Becki: IT WAS THE LAST ONE!  I PROMISE!) and I hope you meet him someday.  That is all.

Emily Rachelle (A Retired Member, who decided to return to reality; unfortunately she's the only one of the Foursome who can survive that area.)
Code Name: Emily the Eager
Aliases: Emmalee
Age: 16
Height: The exact definition of 'average' under 'American female' (aka 5'4")
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry blond and 100% natural, thankyouverymuch
Weight: I'm going to join Katelyn in being one of few women who are willing to post their weight for the World Wide Web to find.  Here goes nothing *deep breath* Oh, forget it. You didn't think I'd actually do that, did you?
Not-So-Secret Weapon: wishing sock, as revealed in episode three
Meet Emily:
I also live in Georgia... for the time being, anyway.  I actually don't eat peaches very much at all.  I prefer pineapple - probably something I picked up during my stint on a Japanese island.  (Oh yeah, I've lived in four different countries on as many continents and visited more countries than I can count, much less remember.)  Like Katelyn, I am a Christian.  Unlike Lindsey, I am highly competent technologically.  Like everyone in The Foursome, I am a writer and novelist-to-be.  (By the way, you can visit my personal [real] blog at Struggles of a (Maybe) Teen Author)  In real life, and actually in a lot of online scenarios, I'm much more mature than the average teenager *coughandthefoursomecough*.  I just decided to set aside my normalcy for a few hours every week in order to enjoy some time with crazy writer friends. :)  I have a friend named Steve.  He's got a blue mohawk and sells aardvarks, parakeets, and geckos in his pet shop.  I also have a boyfriend named Nathan.  He's got amazing brown eyes and plays guitar.  Did I mention I have a tendency to talk too much and go over word counts for projects?  I still don't know why Lindsey dubbed me "The Eager," unless she meant eager to speak up.  Or eager to start new things.  And I still think Becki could be The Blockhead.... *evil snicker*

Jasmine Hingle-Carolise

Code name: Jahsmun the JovialAliases: Jazzi, Jas, Jahsmun
Age: 16
Height: 5'3" (Taller than my parents, yet shorter than most Americans)

Eyes: Hazel (They change from green to brown depending on my mood, clothes and the weather.)
Hair: Currently shoulder-length and dirty blonde (100% natural)
Weight: Ahem...148 (I have nothing but muscle including abs!)
Not-So-Secret Weapon: to be revealed

I LOVE soccer! I am Cajun French. I am from south of New Orleans, LA, but currently reside in Texas (Houston). I am a Junior in high school and I hate public school. I love cookies. Somebody took my cookie before and so I bit them and drew blood. Don't mess with my cookies! I love dogs and animals. I will do anything for my dog, Susie Q. She's almost 9 and I love her to death. I've had her ever since I was born. My doggy! I am naturally blonde and as much as I hate it, I get very bad blonde moments. Although, I'm not actually dumb since I'm only in 11th grade and I'm already taking college courses that will give me college credits. When I graduate I plan on going to Bob Jones University and majoring in counseling. While I'm studying I will intern as a camp counselor at Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, LA. I will occasionally check in on the Fearsome Foursome publishing house. :) I've lost EVERYTHING in Hurricane Katrina. SO DON'T EVER SAY THE WORD KATRINA OR HURRICANE AROUND ME BECAUSE I HATE THOSE WORDS AND I WILL GO BIZARRE ON YOU!!I love writing. I am currently writing a novel called "Bruised" and it's based on what I've went through and overcame in my life. I am a "baby" Christian. I was saved on my 16th birthday (June 19, 2012).I have my belly button and ears pierced. I have Aspergers syndrome and a touch of autism. I come from a broken home and my family that doesn't want anything to do with me. That does not mean I'm broken.I have learned to overcome this. I am very lovable and nice. You can get on my bad side or you can get on my good side.We can be friends or enemies.....Your choice? ;) Check out my blog!