Thursday, May 10, 2012


Becki Badger
Beekee the Bold

I drummed my fingers on the desk.  TAP-TAP TA-TAP TAP TAP TAP-TAP-TA-TAP.  Where is Linzee?  I wondered.  She's always here by now, what could be holding her up?  Should I try her FF communicator?  Nah, she's always putting it down places and forgetting about it.  Well, I could always try-
"Hey, Beekee.  What's up?"  I started as Kataleen came in.
"Don't scare me like that!"  I snapped.  "Where have you been?"
She held out her hands.  "Getting my nails done."  Her nails were green with a yellow "F" on each.  "The fairies are the best.  I can't ever get 'em right, but the fairies don't mess up ever.  Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Like what?"  I said, still scowling at her.
"Like that!  Stop it, it's nasty looking, and you're scaring me!"
I crossed my arms.  My face, by this time, was all squinched up, and I looked like a two year old.
Me, trying to get a good example of what my face looked like.

Still trying . . .

Aaand . . . not succeeding.  But you get the point, right?
"Linzee's not here,"  I said, finally.
She stared at me.  "So?  Neither is Jahsmun.  She went on a trip to the real world.  So why are you so worried about Linzee?  She's on the island somewhere.  You know how big it is."
I shrugged.  "She could be . . . or . . . she could be . . ."  I trailed off.  Hehe . . . this is gonna drive her crazy.
It did.
I looked around, secretively, to make sure no one heard what I was about to tell her.  Haha . . . yeah, right.  I wanted to build suspense.
"She might have been . . . kidnapped."
Kataleen's eyes were enormous.  "Kidnapped?  By . . . by whom?"
"Roman's kidnappy friends."  Sneaking another peek around the Bair.
"Then we have to get her back!"  she said, clearly distressed.  Maybe I should have kept that rubber from when we almost broke Reth out of jail.
"Oh, we will,"  I assured her, already gathering my gear.  "All we need now is my rappelling equipment, my smartphone, my taser, and Peter.  Oh, and a couple of goats.  Just in case he gets hungry."
"Peter?"  Kataleen, who was already scrambling for the items, glanced back at me.  "But we can't take Peter.  We have to have written permission from Linzee to take him."
"So?"  I said, already whistling for him as I started out of the Lair.  "I'll just tell her it was an emergency.  We ARE rescuing her, after all.  Plus, I'm Linzee's favorite."
"But . . . but, it's in the BYLAWS!!!"  Kataleen wailed after me.  It was too late.  Peter had landed, and I was climbing on.
"Kataleen, you might want to sit this one out,"  I said.  "There's gonna be an assassin."
She looked at me, skeptically.  "Beekee, I've met your assassin.  I think I can handle him."
"Are you sure?  There's also sure to be mafia, and booby traps, and katanas, and guns, and eyelash curlers."  I did NOT want her getting hurt on this mission.
She stuck out her hip and put her fist on it.  "I like eyelash curlers, and you might need my backpack, in which there are more traps than any mafia could hope to counteract."
I sighed.  "Hop on then.  But remember, we've gotta make this a quicky, because I gotta get back to study.  I guess I have to write the story about . . . what was that battle?"
"The battle of the wilderness?"  She glared at me.  "Haven't you done any of the reading?"
"Uh . . . Peter, let's go!"  I said, to cover.  I could hear Kataleen "tsking" over me as Peter bounded into the sky.

Once we were well on our way, I pulled out my smartphone.  It had been running Linzee's whereabouts since three o'clock, when I first missed her.  Now to see if it found her.
"Yes!"  I shrieked.  "It found her!!!"
"Really?"  Kataleen said, trying to look over my shoulder.  "Where?"
"Um . . . it appears she's on an island due West of here."
Hearing this, Peter banked sharply to the right, almost tipping us off.
"Hey, watch it, Peter!"  I said, trying to force my stomach back into place.
"Sorry,"  he said, ducking his head.  I rubbed him right between the shoulder blades: his favorite spot.
"It's okay, it just freaked me out."

In due time, we reached the island, and Peter circled it, while we came up with a plan of attack.
"Hmm,"  I said.  "Peter, can we rappel off you?"
"Sure,"  he said.  "Right after I get rope-burn-proof skin."
"So much for that idea,"  Kataleen said.
"Yeah, and I really wanted to use this rappelling stuff.  It's left over from the thing in London, and I've been trying to think of a time to use it since then."
"What thing in London?"
"Oh, you know.  The thing where I got kidnapped and Linzee came to rescue me, only Roman got there first?"
"Oh, right.  Well, why doesn't Peter just land on the beach?"
I glared at her.  "Because, Kataleen, the entrance is everything."
"Whatever.  Peter, put us on the beach, please?"
"Anything for the reasonable one."
I stuck out my tongue at the back of his head.  "Well, fine, if you're gonna be like that."

"Now what?"  I asked, once we were headed towards the jungle.  Kataleen shrugged.
"I dunno.  What does your phone say?"
"Oh, duh.  Forgot about it.  Hold on, let me check."  I did, and it said we were headed in the right direction.
It seemed like we'd been walking for hours (although it was probably only half an hour), when there was a noise ahead of us.  Kataleen and I looked at each other and began to run.  We broke into a clearing and I started laughing.  Linzee shrieked and looked at us.
"Seriously, grillz, do you have to scare me like that?"
She put down the tea cup.  So the big secret was that she had escaped to a tea party . . . with her stuffed animals.  For a dare I had forgotten about.
I sighed.  "I'll never get to use that rappelling stuff."


  1. LOL!!! I laughed the whole time. Loved the whole story. :P

    1. Hehe . . . I loved how you got your nails painted by the fairies. :D And how I REALLY wanted to use that rappelling stuff. I guess Linzee and I kept it after I got kidnapped. :D

    2. Lol! I'm really surprised at how accurately you described me. "...stuck out her hip and put her fist on it." I do THAT a LOT. And I LOVE getting my nails done. :P

    3. Haha . . . I know you better than I thought I did. ^_^


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