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How We Almost Tore the Time-Space Continuum, and How Linzee the Leader Saved the Day Yet Again


Beekee the Bold, AKA, Becki Badger

"Woah, I never knew life back then was so hard,"  Kataleen said.

"I know,"  I said.  "We should do this more often."  I rubbed my sore biceps.  "But let's try not to churn butter again."

"Tell me about it,"  Linzee said, wincing as she pressed her hand to her head.  "Turns out, training a horse is easier said than done."

"Guys?"  Jashmun said, hesitantly.  "I know I haven't been here as long as you, but does anyone else think there's something wrong with this place?"

We were back at the lagoon where we started most of our adventures, and I looked around.

"You're right!  Look at those rocks over there.  They're shimmering, which can only mean that they're bouncing between the real world and here."

"Humph,"  Kataleen said.  "I don't see anything wrong."  She started to lean against a tree and fell right through it!  "Woah!"

"Are you okay?"  Jahsmun said, rushing over to help her.  She shrieked.  "Beekee, Linzee, help me!"

Linzee glanced over, lazily.  "What's wrong now?"

I assessed the situation quickly.  "Kataleen's stuck in the tree!"

Kataleen started to cry as she stared at the tree, which had apparently decided to stay in our reality, trapping her foot inside it.  "I don't wanna be stuck in a tree for the rest of my life!"  she wailed.

"Oh, stop whining,"  Linzee said.  "We'll get you out, by hook or by crook."

Kataleen shrieked.  "You are not using a hook on my leg!"

"No, no,"  Jahsmun said.  "She means-  Oh, never mind.  Let's just work on getting you out.  Any plans?"  She looked, expectantly, at us.

Linzee shrugged.  "Don't look at me.  I tend to prefer flowers to trees."

And then they looked at me.  I sighed and wracked my brain for a solution.  Then I had an idea.  "We're going to pull her out the second the tree decides to join Emmalee's reality!"

It took fifteen minutes, but we managed to snatch her foot out.

"What in the African Safari is going on, here?"  I said, as a fish attacked Jahsmun.

"I don't know, but we'd better figure out,"  Linzee said.  Kataleen ran by, screaming, with about three billion ants chasing her.  "And soon."

"I might be able to help with that."

"Emmalee!"  Linzee shrieked, and grabbed our friend into a bear hug.

"What are you doing back here?"  I said.  "I mean, not that I don't want you here, but you can't come too often.  You know the consequences if you're here too long, and too often."

She looked at us, nervously.  "That's actually why I'm here."

"Emmalee!!!!"  Kataleen barreled into her for a quick hug before she was running from the ants again.

"You were saying?"  I said.

"I came back because objects from here kept appearing and disappearing back in the real world."

"I know,"  Linzee said.  "We can't figure out why, though!"

"I know why,"  Emmalee said, sadly.

My eyes widened.  "You do?  Why?"

"Me,"  she said, simply.  "It's getting unsafe for me to come here at all.  If we can't figure out a way to make it safe for me to to come back, I'll have to stay in the real world forever."

I thought I might cry.  Linzee, however, grinned.  "To the FF lair, then,"  she said.

I grinned, and Emmalee stared at her.  "The what?"



"Haha . . . I know, right?"  Jahsmun said.  "We even convinced Linzee to give up the ice cream room.  So now it's common property."

Emmalee craned her neck.

"What are you looking for?"  Kataleen said.

"The batmobile."

"Sorry,"  Linzee said.  "no batmobile.  However, we do have a Death Star."

Emmalee facepalmed.  "And what about the kangaroos you saved?"

"Third door to the left,"  Kataleen said, pointing down the hallway that led to our rooms.

"Yeah,"  Jahsmun said.  "but whatever you do, don't go into room 3.14159265.  It's the bathroom for the kangaroos."  She grimaced.  "I had to clean it last week."

Emmalee cocked an eyebrow.  "Um . . . good to know?"

"ANYWAY,"  I said.  "down to business.  How are we going to stabilize our world, so she can keep coming back?"

The silence was deafening.  You'd think that we'd be able to think of something.  I mean, we escaped from a mental hospital.  Three times!

"Wishing sock?"  Kataleen said, hopefully, after a while.

Emmalee shook her head.  "I tried that.  The problem is, it only effects this world.  We need to make sure the real world is stable, too."

"Try this."

We all whipped around to look at Linzee, who had apparently left and was now back and holding something out to Emmalee.  Our real world friend took it and fingered the "FF" bling-y key chain attached to a carabiner.

"A key chain?"  She said.  "How will this help anything?"

"It's not a key chain.  It's a Stabilizer.  As long as you wear this everywhere, you'll be able to go between the worlds without any 'side effects.'  It's also swag.  And swag is always cool.  We have T-shirts if you want to show more Fearsome Foursome spirit."

"Linzee, how'd you come up with that?"  I asked.

She shrugged.  "I have no idea.  What I do know is that anything is possible in this world.  So if I say something does something, it happens."

Of course Linzee would figure that out.  But that's why we love her.  And hopefully, we'll be able to see way more of Emmalee, now.


A Blast to the Past

By Jahsmun the Jovial

So it's Jasmine here and I'm the newest member, but I figured you already knew that.  I'm going to be telling you a story about the time the Fearsome Foursome travels back in time.  It's going to be really really really cool!  You should seriously read it sometime.
"Get to the point!"  shouted Becki.
"I'll get her to the point," mumbled Katelyn.  She came up behind me and whacked me with Lindsey's cricket bat. Okay, okay, here's the story!!

"MUAHAHAHAHA," laughed Dr.Franks. "I got you right where I want you," he said as he backed us into a corner between the stage and the tent wall.
Lindsey looked down and noticed a loose nail.  "Psst Emily, you think you could help me get this nail out?"
Emily helped Lindsey work the nail out, it didn't take much since it was almost out anyways.  Lindsey walked over to the tent wall and cut a huge hole in it with the nail.
"Quick guys, RUN!" Emily screamed.


We were lost in the woods, we had already run about 2 miles in Victorian style dresses and it was about 90 degrees outside.
"Can we rest?" whined Katelyn for like the kazillionth time.
Becki turned around and scowled at her, "Can you hush? Dr. Julius could be anywhere and if you're complaining then he's going to hear us!"
Katelyn backed away from Becki with a look of fright and began running again.
"Look there's a river!" I shouted.
"Great! We can take a break there." Becki said.
"Hey, Kataleen, why don't you give us some clothes out your backpack?"  Lindsey asked.
Katelyn nodded and started handing out sweatpants, shirts, socks and running shoes.
"WOW!  You really do have everything in that bag!"  I shouted excitedly.
Katelyn smiled and replied, "I always knew this thing would come in handy."
"Uhm, girls, I'm sorry but I have to go home," said Emily as she was taking out her wishing sock, "the party was really fun and once again congrats to you Jasmine for becoming the fourth member." Emily hugged everyone, whispered to the sock to take her home then vanished.
"Okay girls! We gotta get moving," Katelyn said as she was stuffing the last dress in her backpack.


"I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE STILL LOST IN THESE WOODS!" Becki screamed in frustration right before tripping over something. "What the---No! It can't be, but it is....IT'S A TRANSMOGIFIER!!!! I've wanted one for so long and now I finally got it!"
Becki turned around, giggling, her eyes big.
"I'm not sure...but I think Becki has gone crazy!" I said turning to face Lindsey and Katelyn who looked scared to see Becki this way.  Eventually we began walking again while keeping an eye on Becki, who was dragging the trans-whatever with her and talking to it.
Yep, she's totally lost it. I thought.


"We have been lost in these woods for almost for about 7 hours now," Katelyn said. "We'll never get home."
     "Dearest Katelyn, do not fear for we will get you home to your mommy." Lindsey said mockingly.
(You see there's this ongoing joke about Katelyn being the baby of the group.We pick at her not only because it's true but because it makes her mad.) Katelyn stormed off and went sat off by a tree.
"Really Linzee?You couldn't pick a better time to pick at her?" I sighed.
Lindsey looked at me in defeat then went over to talk to Katelyn.
"Hey guys, look what I found!" I shouted.
"What is is?" Becki asked, snapping back to reality.
"It's a time machine in the form of a pen.I've heard of these but never seen one until now. So....where do y'all wanna go?"
"Hmmmm, how about to Laura I. Wilder's time." Becki suggested.
I set the time period, grabbed everyone's hand, and pushed the button.
"Everyone hold on!"
"AHHHHHH it's all black, I can't see!"
"THUMP!" We all landed hard on the ground. We looked around and saw crowds of people yelling "BURN HER, BURN HER!" We squeezed through the crowds to see what was going on and saw women burning on stakes.
 People turned and faced us.
"WITCHES!" they yelled, and before we knew what was happening we were being tied to burning stakes too.
We were all tied together on one stake, so I set the time period to the day after my party, touched the other girls and pushed the button just as the flames were about to lick our shoes.
"Not the dark again!"
"CLANK" We landed in a....cage!? We looked around. We were in a dimly lit room filled with caged children and animals. A man walked up to our cage, but he wasn't just any man, he was Dr. Franks!
"Welcome to my lab. We are currently under Crazy Cape Mental Institute. This is where I test things out and make the medicine. I programmed that pen so it would eventually take you here. You see, you can't outsmart me. I'm the bad guy and I will always, ALWAYS win!"
We all exchanged glances,we could see tears in each others eyes. We were absolutely horrified as we watched Dr.Franks take a baby lion out of a nearby cage and start injecting it with needles the size of Texas!! I began to cry because I love animals and can't stand to see the harmed. I looked at the other girls and saw that they were crying too.
"It's gonna be okay. We'll get out of here, and we'll set the animals and children free too," Becki said, while hugging me. Soon Lindsey and Katelyn joined in as a group hug.
That night, we took turns sleeping in shifts. If someone came to our cage we were to inform the others. We had a better chance at fighting together rather than alone. Becki took first shift, I took second, Katelyn took third and Lindsey took last. Come to find out, there was no activity during the night, but we still were not about to take any chances.
The next morning, we used a bobby pin from Katelyn's bag and picked the lock, then we helped get all the animals and children out of their cages and back to their homes.
"Ready to go visit Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder?"
We all turned to each other, nodded in agreement, held hands, and right before I hit the button I said, "Kataleen? When we get back home the pen goes in your bag for future reference."
"M'kay," she replied with a smile."
Just like that we were off to the year 1900 when Laura was 33.

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Super-Duper-Bigger-Than-Peter big announcement and Party!!!!!

by Kataleen the Kreative

“Ahem! May I have everyone’s attention, please?” Katelyn stepped over to the microphone and cleared her throat. “I have written this story because Becki said she didn’t have time.”
     Becki rolled her eyes. “Hush, Katelyn, I didn’t say that.”
     “She did! We also have a BIG announcement! When I say big, I mean Super-Duper-Bigger-Than-Peter big! So, start reading the story!”
Becki slapped her palm to her face. “They could if you let them!”
     “Whatever. Start reading!”

Becki hooked the last Chinese lantern-type-thing on the tent wall and climbed down from the ladder. “Okay! All done! Now do we get to have the party?”
     Katelyn shook her head and tapped her pen on her clipboard. “Not yet, we still have to get Lindsey to get out of the ‘box’. And where are the refreshments? We can’t start without refreshments! And we still need a portable CD player. I have the music on my CD, but no CD player! What good is that?”
     “Okay, okay, I get it. I’ll get my CD player, you get Linzee out of the box, I’ll get the snacks, and you get the drinks. Okay? Great.” Becki walked off without waiting for Katelyn’s answer.
     Katelyn mumbled under her breath. Why should she have to get Linzee out of the box? For some reason, Linzee loved it. The little glass box that Becki had come up with was now a big hit. If Linzee was missing, that’s where you could find her! Katelyn sighed. It wasn’t going to be pretty.
     Katelyn walked over and grabbed the little communication device Becki had installed in and out of the box. “Linzee, it’s time to come out of there! You can’t stay in there for the rest of your life!”
     Lindsey looked through the glass at Katelyn. “Kataleen, I can stay here my whole life, and I will. You can’t make me come out.”
Katelyn, thoroughly exasperated, decided to try another tactic. “Fine, I’m going to go fly Peter!”
     Lindsey jumped off of the bed that was bolted to the floor. “You can’t do that! The new bylaws clearly states that Peter is mine, and mine alone. If you want to fly him, you have to have a signed contract! If you don’t, I will come up with a terrible punishment that will make you have nightmares even when you’re awake!”
     “But you won’t come out of the box, so you can’t do anything to me if you’re inside of there.” Katelyn turned in the direction of Peter. “Ready to go flying?”
     Lindsey’s face was as red as a beet now. “You can’t, you can’t! I’ll tell Beekee!”
     Katelyn seemed to ponder that for a moment. “Okay, tell you what. If you come out of the box, I won’t take Peter.”
Lindsey made a face.
     “Okay, well. . .” Katelyn thought a moment, and then remembered how Becki got Lindsey out the first time. “Linzee, I love you! I love you so much, I found this puppy! And I want you to have him! He’ll love you no matter what!”
     Lindsey’s eyes had brightened, and she began jumping up and down. “Aw, I love you too, Kataleen! And I’ll come out! I want the puppy!” Katelyn pressed a button on the Box Controller, and Linzee was out. She ran over to where Katelyn stood and hugged her tightly until Katelyn thought her lungs would burst. “I. . . Can’t. . . Breath, Linzee!”
     “Oops, sorry. Where’s the puppy?” Katelyn sighed. She would never fool Linzee.
    “Um, he’ll be here, soon. Come on, we have to get dressed for the party. Our Guest of Honor will be here soon.”
     “Party? Guest of Honor? Why didn’t anybody tell me there was going to be a party and Guest of Honor?!” Lindsey’s eyes were wide and she looked like she was about to explode.
     “Linzee, we did. Either you weren’t listening, or you forgot. Now, go get dressed.” Lindsey walked off mumbling, and Katelyn went off to find Becki.

Becki was standing at the refreshment table when Katelyn found her. She turned when Katelyn walked up, clipboard in hand. “Where have you been!? I had to get both snacks and food! Were you trying to sneak Marc into the party? Again?”
     “No, I wasn’t. Do you know how long it took me to get Linzee out of the box? It felt like hours!”
Becki sighed. “Next time, try the puppy thing. It always works.” Katelyn shook her head. No sense in trying to explain that she did. They had a party to get started!
     “Is everything ready? The Guest will be here soon!” Katelyn all but stomped her foot.
     Becki shrugged. “I guess. C’mon, let’s go get dressed.”
Katelyn walked towards the small dressing room, and then stopped suddenly. “Oh. My. Word. Did we forget to send out the invitations?”
     “I knew we forgot something!”
    “Oh. . . . What are we going to do?”
Becki took a deep breath and then let it out. “Well, Peter can fly us around. But Linzee’s getting dressed. We could take Peter, but then you know she could come up with any kind of punishment.”
     “Yeah, but we have to have other guests! Look, you get the invites out with Peter. I’ll keep Linzee from knowing and fix everything here. Don’t forget to invite Emily!”
     “Okay, I won’t. But if she finds out. . . ” Becki didn’t have to finish her threat. Her message was perfectly clear. Katelyn scurried off to get dressed in her deep red-Victorian style ball gown.

Each one of the Thriving Threesome girls were clad in their Victorian style ball gown. Becki’s was a bright-turquoise with white beads sewn onto the sleeves. Lindsey’s was a bright green, with lace galore. Katelyn’s was a deep red, with white and black rhinestones around the waist.
     “Why do we have to wear these itchy dresses? I don’t know how those ladies back then could stand it.”
     “Becki, stop complaining. We’re wearing them because they’re pretty, and we’re to look elegant. And besides, Marc, “ Katelyn gestured to the young man standing in the corner. “gets very uncomfortable near girls who are wearing less frilly and poufy dresses and guys wearing khakis and polo’s.”
     “But what about us? Why should we have to be uncomfortable because of the heat and poufy dresses, just because one guy doesn’t like what we originally wear?”
     “Hush, our Guest of Honor will be here soon! Eeek!” Katelyn shrieked, the excitement overwhelming. She rushed over to the mic, as fast as the big dress would let her. “Everyone, may I have your undivided attention? Thank you. Now, may I present, Jasmine Hingle Carolise! The newest member of the Thriving Three—Oops—The Fearsome Foursome! She now makes number four! Welcome Jasmine!” Katelyn began clapping her hands and soon all of the party-goers began clapping. Jasmine, clothed in a Tender Kiss pink dress, ascended into the tent, up onto the make-shift stage.
     “Thank you! Everyone! I’m honored to be one of the Fearsome Foursome. I have to thank Becki, Lindsey, and Katelyn for giving me this wonderful chance!”

Three hours later
Jasmine had been introduced to everyone now. Even Becki’s 14 year-old sister, Sarah, and the Fearsome Foursome’s ‘retired’ member, Emily. “I totally love this! And to think I’m gonna be with y’all from now on!”
     Becki smiled. “Is the party over now? I really need to get out of this dress. It weighs at least 300 pounds and it’s hot outside.”
     Katelyn rolled her eyes. “Yes, Beekee. The party is over.”
     “Great! See ya later peeps!” Becki walked towards the tent’s opening. A tall, lean man stepped in front of her, blocking her way out. “Excuse me sir, the party’s over and I need to go outside. So, kindly, get out of my way.” The man stood as still as a statue, glancing around the tent, his eyes finally resting on the other girls.
      Katelyn gasped, Lindsey’s eyes widened, and Jasmine looked around, trying to figure out what was wrong.
     “Evil Dr. Franks! H-how did you find us?” Katelyn asked, her voice trembling. Becki backed away from the Crazy Cape Mental Institute doctor, the one that had loved to give out shots with needles a mile long.
     “What? Surprised to see me? You shouldn’t be.” Julius Franks’ evil grin made each girl shudder. “I wasn’t about to let you go, after all, we weren’t done with the test medication for crazy people, despite your ‘friend's’ attempts.”
     “We’re not crazy! We’re. . . different.” Lindsey said, defensively.
     Dr. Franks walked towards the girls, his steps menacing. “You have no way to get out. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Your choice.”
     The girls all gulped.

                                                                                To be continued. . . .

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So who is Ryan to Becki?
By Becki Badger
You all had really good answers.  Jessica thinks he's the guy I love, Abbie thinks Linzee, Emmalee, and Kataleen are forcing me to like him, and Jasmine thinks he's Reth's brother and the good guy from my WIP.

The truth is, Ryan is the MMC in my WIP, Common Denominator.  Not only that, but he's a version of me.  Therefore, all of you were wrong in one respect.  I don't like-like him, because that would just be weird.  :D

Bearing this in mind, JASMINE came the closest.

Your prize is the privilege of being in four of our stories, (which I promise we will get written).  To Jessica and Abbie, thank you very much for participating, and I hope you'll try again when we do this again (as I'm sure we will).