Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rescuing the Teddy Bears/Fighting Off the Popsicles

By Katelyn Shear
Kataleen the Kreative

I stared at my fingernails, the green and yellow polish glinting in the sunlight streaming through the window in Linzee's room. I looked up and sighed. Beekee and Linzee were arguing over stuffed animals. Again.
     "I don't see why you insist on having the stuffed Peter doll!" Linzee lashed out in frustration, waving the stuffed version of Peter in the air.
     Beekee huffed and narrowed her eyes. "Because I like the Peter doll! He would look great in my room!"
     I rolled my eyes. "Why do either of you want a stuffed doll? That's baby-ish." I tuned my focus back on my nails. I admired them for a few more moments, and then noticed something.
      There was no bickering bouncing off of the walls and into my ears. No noises. Nothing. I looked up, prepared to find both girls passed out on the floor or bleeding to death or something, but they stood there, staring at me, mouths agape.
     "What?" I said, unsure if I had done something wrong without knowing it.
     Beekee's mouth opened and closed, as if she were trying to say something, but couldn't. It reminded me acutely of a fish I had seen at an aquarium in the real world. Linzee seemed to think the same thing, for she looked at Beekee and demanded her to close her mouth.
     "But--I--She--" Becki looked as if she were trying to find words, but Linzee shook her head. I didn't understand why they were acting so strange, but I figured if I kept my mouth shut, I'd find out soon enough.
     And that I did. "You think stuffed animals are . . .baby-ish?" Linzee looked as if someone had just struck her. I blinked a few times, not sure if I had heard her right.
      "Yes, I do."
     Beekee clutched her heart. "Three words . . . that's all it took to break my heart in two!"
     I stared in confusion. Why were they making such a big fuss over stuffed animals?
     Linzee nodded and then turned to me. I saw tears glistening in her eyes. "Have you ever had a stuffed animal?"
     I sighed and shook my head. "No, I've never wanted one. They're creepy!"
     Linzee grabbed my hand and jerked me from the comfy chair I had been sitting on. "We will find you a stuffed friend! We shall look high and low, never stopping until we have found 'The One'!" She lifted my hand in the air like those guys who knock each other around a ring until one falls on their face after they win. I took my hand back from her and scowled.
     "I do not need a stuffed animal! And I won't have one!" I turned my back to her and folded my arms like a stubborn four year old. Bad move.
     Linzee and Beekee tackled me to the floor and then carried me to the real Peter.
     "Let go of me!" I screamed.
     But they didn't listen. They were talking about what kind of stuffie to get me. They threw me over Peter, jumped on, and off we flew. Peter began to do his tricks, Linzee hollering and Beekee trying to keep her lunch in. I fell off of his back, plunging to the earth far below. I shrieked. This was not the way I planned on dying. Linzee grabbed my hand and did a backflip.
     I was so going to kill them.

3 hours later
I huffed and puffed as I climbed the last steep hill on the mountain. I still didn't understand why we hadn't taken Peter up. Linzee wouldn't say. We were above the clouds now, and the view was stunning.
     "What mountain are we on?" I asked, still trying to catch my breath.
     Linzee, looking offensively cheerful, smiled. "We're on Teddy Bear Mountain, controlled by the evil Popsicles." Her voice lowered to a whisper. "We have to get past the Popsicles without being seen. There is no telling what they might do."
     Oh, great. Jahsmun had told me of these Popsicles, but she was still on her trip to the real world, so she couldn't tell us how to fend off these colored chunks of ice on sticks. I took a deep breath.
     "If something goes wrong, we can just jump on Peter and fly away, right?"
     Beekee started to say something, but Linzee interrupted. Again. "No. We shall fight to the death!"
     That didn't sound good. Linzee could fight to the death if she wanted to. First sign of Popsicles and I was outta here!
     Beekee tapped Linzee's shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Linzee spun around and began running. I knew something was wrong. So I began to run too. The three of us ran, and Linzee ran around a corner. Her sudden scream echoed around me and Beekee. We rushed to where the scream came from. We found her on her knees, something in her arms. I slowly walked up to her.
     "Linzee . . . Are you okay?" I touched her shoulder gently. She jumped up and pushed a pink stuffed cat into my arms. I stared at it, wondering why on earth I would even consider keeping it. Ah, well, maybe she wouldn't try to kill me. "Thanks." The grin on her face grew before she flounced off.
     I looked down at the stuffed animal in my arms and realized. . . it was looking at me. And blinking. A scream climbed up my throat, but I forced it down. I stared at the stuffed cat thing, wondering if it talked like Peter.
     "Um. . . . . Hello." I heard my voice shaking.
     The pink cat stared at me, and for a minute I wondered if I was crazier than I had originally thought. Then IT spoke up. "Hello. You are the reasonable one, yes?"
      I was beginning to think that was my new nickname. "Yes, I guess I am, if you compare Linzee and I."
     The pink cat smiled. REALLY smiled. "Wonderful. You will save the Nation of Teddy Bears from the evil Popsicles!"
     I had to laugh at that. I was the reasonable one. Not the warrior. "Um, yeah. Maybe you should talk to Beekee about that first. She has an assassin on her side. Yep, she'd be better for the job." I put the stuffed cat down and walked away. But apparently, it could walk too.
      "We need your help! You have the backpack. Please." The hope and trust in her eyes made me want to cry. I was always one to fall for the wide eyes and tears. "Okay, I'll do it."

1 hour later
I'm a fool. Why can't I just say 'no' to one, measly stuffed animal? I followed the stuffed cat and her billions of stuffed friends. Okay, so maybe not billions, but around a thousand. We marched along, and I felt like the land/people version of Finding Nemo. I was expecting at any moment to start singing, "Just Keep Marching!" Suddenly, everyone stopped. Even Linzee, who had been hugging each stuffie as she or they passed each other.
     The stuffed cat walked over to me. "It's the Popsicles. What are you going to do?"
     I nearly passed out laughing. "What am I going to do? I'm not going to do anything!!! I'm outta here!" I turned, but saw the billions--thousands of stuffies, each watching me with wide, tear-filled eyes. "Oh, for cryin' out loud! I don't want to fight Popsicles!"
     Stuffed cat looked at me. "It does not matter. You have been chosen by the stuffed queen to be our leader!"
     I felt like dying right there. Why should I be the one to take on the Popsicles? "Why doesn't your stuffed queen be the leader? She's the queen!!"
    Just then, the chanting of Popsicles filled the air. They rounded the corner of the mountain with sticks and rocks.
     Linzee began chanting with them. "Sticks and stones may break my bones!!!!" Apparently, she wasn't on my side. Though I did have to wonder why the Popsicles didn't finish off the famous quote. Ah, well, no time to think about that. I had to fight! To save this nation! I grabbed my backpack and dug through it. I pulled a blowdryer out.
     Beekee came up beside me. "A blowdryer? We don't have anywhere to plug it up at!"
     I smiled. "No worries! It's a wireless blowdryer. No cords or plugs needed! I found it on sale at the mall. It was a great price. I couldn't believe--"
     She stared at me, dumbfounded. "Wireless?
     I grinned. "Yep! Didn't you know? Everything is going wireless! Phones, computers, blowdryers, stuff like that. You know, I once saw this thing at--"
     Beekee shook my shoulders. "Stop talking!! We need to defeat the Popsicles!!"
     I frowned at that. She was always ruining speeches. "Okay, okay. Here, pass these blowdryers and matches out. We can defeat them this way!"
     Beekee began throwing blowdryers and matches at everything in sight. I turned my blowdryer on full blast and pointed it at the Popsicles. "Prepare to meet your maker at Unilever!!!!!" I screamed at them. I ran at the Popsicles, the hot air making them melt quickly. I jumped over them, karate kicking one of them in the head. I dug bow and arrows out of my backpack, lit them on fire, and pretended to be Robin Hood. Okay, so maybe Linzee would be a better Robin Hood. I handed her the bow, and she went wild. She started shooting at everything in sight, which was the Popsicles. We have finished them off. Well, all except one. THE KING OF ALL POPSICLES.
     I heard Beekee whistle for Peter and waited. We could take this "king" out. All we needed now, was Linzee. Beekee dragged Linzee up with us, and I counted to three.
     One. . . . . . Two. . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!
     And off we jumped, tackling the king. Beekee did some karate move Paul taught her (Want to know who he is? Oops, she'll have to tell you.), Linzee was shooting him with fire-lit arrows, Peter was eating him (Um, well, we've gotten rid of the body), and I was shooting him with my blowdryer. Once he had melted, and was being eaten by Peter, Stuffed Cat thanked us.
     "How can we ever thank you? You'e saved us from many years of torment. We are forever in your debt."
     I looked at her slyly. "Well. . . . you can return to the Lair with us. I want a cat, even if it is stuffed. Deal?"
     She stuck out her stuffed paw. "Deal!"
     And we flew off, back to the Lair. Hopefully Jahsmun will be back soon, I thought, hopeful.

                                                       The End, for now. ;)


  1. why did Jahsmun leave?

    1. Jahsmun has no Internet. BUT!!! She'll be back soon. Hope you continue to enjoy the stories!!

    2. I wanna know who Anonymous is!?!?!

    3. Yoohooo Anonymous... Who are you!?!?

  2. I have no internet,I'll be back soon....hopefully. I will be posting a story up this week however. :) Kataleen,I loved it!

  3. Replies
    1. Good. :P I'm glad. I slaved over this story, so I hope people enjoyed it.


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